A warning to all

There are a group of players who join and aim to destroy good guilds. Let’s call them the gang of 4. Be very careful if you have 4 or more available openings cos this lot will try and implode everything that built the guild in the 1st place.

How would they do that exactly? o.O The most destructive thing a player could do in a guild is just be inactive. Which means they should be kicked. So I don’t see how this destroys a guild if you notice the 4 players who all joined at the same time are going days without playing?


Would this punishable under the Community Guidelines’ “Don’t Be a Jerk” category?

The only thing I can think of off-hand is intentionally setting the same Guild Wars defense team each day (i.e. 4x Fire Bombs each day) to let the enemy guild get some easy wins and deny some unique team bonus points, although that probably wouldn’t have too much of an effect if they were in the Soldier tier.

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The other thing they could do is bail on Tuesday during GW. Leaves the rest of the guild bent over, as even if they could replace them, the replacements are’nt registered. Sadly, this has happened in the past.

I am not going to elaborate in respect of community guidelines.it was a respectful warning and if the 4 land on your guild doormat you will know it.

Being inactive is bad yes. Undermining the very foundation of a guild more so and there are many ways to do that if you are deviant enough.

This appears to be an Xbox specific warning.