I just had a concerning thought about guild trophies

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so I was checkin out the above thread… and so the pc fixed this problem by making it take a trophy when you retreat… so… someone could potentially lose trophies on purpose for a guild… seeing how only leaders can kick this can rack up quite a bit… I’ll admit to bein offline enitrely some days only logging in for `1 minute to snatch my daily bonus and collect my tributes…

The fix for that is just to close your guild and keep it on invite only.

because noone I invite would ever lie to me or be a spy.

If that does happen, you can just kick them when you get back on and send the devs a support ticket about what happened. They would be able to restore whatever loss was deliberately deducted from your guild.

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Maybe you just need to be more careful about who you invite to your guild. Sabotage shouldn’t be a concern unless you’re just mass-mailing invites to everyone willing to say, “Sure, I’ll join.”

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well since the system makes it beneficial to have a full guild I do try to fill empty slots quickly.

We will just have to be careful who we let into our Guild then @DemonicDraco

It does reward larger guilds, but nobody’s holding a gun to your head demanding that you maximize every aspect of the game.

If you want to mass-mail invites to everyone you can, fine. That’s your choice. But yes, you’re running the risk of letting some jerk in your guild who could, potentially, cause problems. You’ll have to evaluate that risk for yourself and decide whether it’s worth it to invite everyone to join you.

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So are you saying that sabotage is not against the rules and is, even slightly, encouraged a bit?

Not that I think that is a bad thing, I am all for competition. I just would like to know my options for trying to move up the Guild rankings :wink:

I think it’s more like a big edge case that is the result of an otherwise decent system.

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I’m not encouraging anything, but if you invite some jerk into your guild, then give them permissions necessary to wreck your guild, and then they do wreck your guild, that’s on you.

Also, this:

I’m unaware of this hypothetical guild wrecking scenario ever having happened in Gems of War to date.

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But is it against the rules or will players be punished for doing this?

Because if not, you’ll be aware of it happening soon enough now that it is in the open.

how am i supposed to know who I’m inviting? this game has a guild but no social aspect… unless I’ve seen em on this forum I dunno who the hell I’m recruiting except its some guy I had 2-3 messages with… do any guild leaders on here really know who they are recruiting? its not like this is an mmo where people meet people all the time…

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It doesn’t break any rule, so the player won’t be punished. There’s no rule about not being able to win a match/or lose on purpose. If the player gets into - trophies you can just kick him out, but no one will try these tactics. In the time player uses to reduce trophies of one guild, he could use that time to gain trophies for his guild.


And what’s the amount of trophies you think he would reduce before you notice him? 100? 200? As a guild leader myself I enter roster couple times a day, and I believe other guild leaders do the same.
The “trolling” player could potentially lose your guild about a trophie each minut. To get to any significant number he would need to spend hours on constantly starting battles and retreating. Ain’t no body going to do that.

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The Guild of Roisin, which I founded, has a minimum IQ requirement. If a player reaches a cumulative total of -5 trophies, he or she is kicked for stupidity. No worries about sabotage.


No, it is not against the rules for malevolent players to take advantage of poor guild management practices. Again, that’s on the people running the guild.

I sincerely doubt that. But, if you’re suddenly worried, maybe you shouldn’t invite randoms, who could possibly be jerks, into your guild.

Well, we do have these forums. Otherwise, maybe try inviting people you know in real life? Or from social media? If you’re really worried about this potential yet unlikely problem, keep a closer eye on who you let join your guild.

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Btw @Nex each time I see your avatars i imagine a cat speaking to all of us, in a developer kind of manner, hitting keyboard with its paws xD

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Ha! That’s actually a photo of my cat, and I can assure you that if he could operate a keyboard, it would be nothing but swears and demands for food.