So as Guild Leader, I'm Just Plain SOL if Someone Disappears 2 Hours into Tuesday, Right?

Just making sure there isn’t some method of recourse I hadn’t heard about before I hunt that fucker down and murder him.


Now that I think of it…

What do you mean by “disappeared”? The person quit the guild? Their name just vanished from the GW rooster?

Quit the guild entirely, not just a GW roster disappearance. :\

Yea, you are screwed then. Even if you recruit someone right now, they can’t participate until next week.

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First I feel your pain, and that is truly unfortunate… BUT…

Your OP made me lol in the middle of my class!! :joy:

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That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks.

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This has happened to a few guilds that I’m aware of. It really puts ya in a bind when it happens.
Hopefully the devs will cut the participants down to maybe 25 players in each guild with assigned alternates in case this sort of thing happens.


I suppose your only option would have been to just kick them out of your guild in the middle of the night as a safety precaution…

Hey, I’m just glad something positive is coming out of this whole situation.

I just have to laugh at all of this at this point. It didn’t record my day 6 fights for last week either, so instead of Paragon I’m at the bottom of the Herald list and it looks to my guild like they’ve got a slacker for a leader.

Not having a good week.

lol :slight_smile:

I noticed you were a free agent yesterday. You should join us and help us climb the 2+ brackets we’re going to drop this week.

Would it not be easier to implement if the devs just took the top 25 battles each day? That way there is no EXTRA coding for alternates and what not. Everything still runs as is, but 5 lowest battles per day are thrown away. Just a thought… :thinking:


We are in the exactly the same sitation in MM. Someone joined us on Sunday. Today we are at 29. He left. We will have to fight the whole week with 29 memebers. I mean its ok, we don’t stress about guild wars, but its still lame.


Just wanted to add my condolences; we were down 1 player last week even though we had a replacement in time (bug).


We badly need the devs to implement something like that. People go on vacation or need a break sometimes. RL happen. The whole guild shouldn’t be handicapped because someone can’t play a week, for whatever reason.


I brought this up in another post. A while ago

I think the Developers should only count the TOP 20-somthing scores in a guild and discard the bottom few (10%). For example with the Guild chests you can get a max 40,000 chest with 27 people so somewhere in this vicinity would be good.

This discard the bottom 10% would mostly Avoid problems like:

  1. quitting.
  2. Vacations.
  3. Real Life
  4. Internet/phone issues

So as to not effect the 29 other people in the Guild.


I say you make this its own feature request post or if you already did, give me a linky so I can add my support. :slight_smile:


I would like to see VARIED guild war sizes, with the ability to opt in/out of, so guild leaders could see who wants to be in or out.

Also, Guild wars would be best if you could play ALL the days in 1 day if you so choose. I find myself being in a tough spot where my guild enjoys and wants to participate in guild wars, but my lack of time on the final 2 days of the GW will probably end up causing me to be forced to find a new guild if I don’t tell my family to piss off while my most important thing in life of Guild Wars must be done. Yeah the wife/kids would really look at me differently after that. So I’ll either make the choice to Quit GW and find a new guild that doesn’t participate and hope they NEVER want to participate, or I can just straight up Quit GoW. I think you will find many other players are in the same situation as I am


Agree with the OP. GW requiring all Players to be in Guild all week with no swaps is very painful.

Also wish GW rewards were on Sunday rather than with Monday reset. Now it is very hard to manage swapping people.


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I would be happy to start a thread, but I don’t want to step on any toes…


Start it up! As long as the developers seriously consider something other than the current system of max guild members I’m all good. :slight_smile:

Same with the number (that’s not that Important be it 20, 25, 27.) Just not 30