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When do you kick members out of a guild? (Xbox One)

Hi all,

Looking for a little feedback. I recently took over a guild after the guild leader was MIA for over 100 days. Over 1/3 of our members were inactive and I wanted to try to get some active players in the guild.

Were a Champion lvl guild near the top 200 but we have been hovering at 215-210 due to lack of contributions. We are a “casual” guild so I hate to kick players out and even haven’t kicked out the former leader (128 days inactive) in case he ever starts playing again.

I feel bad for kicking members out of a casual guild but it feels appropriate at times.

When do you tend to kick inactive players.

I tend to kick after 100 days depending on contributions to the guild.
player x - 100 days 1,000 gold 15 trophies KICKED
player y - 138 days 105,00 gold 133 trophies DEMOTED but not kicked

Am I being too soft?

Not a leader, but I would suggest booting players to make room for new members, continue replacing inactives with new members. That’s what I would do at least.

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I guess it depends on how active/strong your guild is, but I think most of the higher guilds do it weekly with the reset. Many have either a minimum login threshold (i.e., if you’re gone all week without notice then you’re out) or even a minimum contribution (e.g., must get rank 1, must earn 100 trophies, must contribute 10k gold, etc.).

Some even have sophisticated exchange rates where you have to contribute like 200 “points” and 1 point is equal to either 1 trophy or 1k gold.

Depending on the type of guild you run,
Casual guild
player x hasn’t had activity in 31 days = kick
player y plays has not played for 31 day but contributes to gold weekly = no kick
Competitive guild
player x hasn’t played or contributed in 7 days = kick
player y contributes heavily and plays daily = no kick

You set up guild rules, and then adhere to it.
Some GMs play it casual.
Some GMs play it like nazi.


Currently over 1/2 of the trophies are from 3 players and the only members to contribute over 100k gold are the same 3 + the former leader and “player y”

I keep kicking members who are inactive for 100+ days but were just getting new members who contribute 0.

You need guild requirements that are comfortable for you and are reasonable.

We have a minimum of 15k weekly contribution and thats it. Mainly cause some ppl still need to up their kingdoms to lvl 10. Although 15k is nothing at all, considering the amount of gold ppl get from simply opening glory chests that are provided by the top contributers.

Since contributions are based on trust, I kick players who dont even contribute this abismal amount. If you dont kick ppl who dont contribute but spend their money selfishly, others will see that there’s no risk in not contributing and thus stop contributing themselves.

tl;dr: If you dont pay the minimum, you get demoted, if you dont pay the missing amount in the following week, you get kicked. Simple as that.

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The standard for kicking members in my experience has been after 14 days of inactivity or log-in. That being said if they don’t meet the requirements you set for guild then that’s a kick too.

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Thanks I feel like less of a jerk for being more liberal with my kicks.

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Good luck with everything! Running a guild can be as fun or as stressful as you make it. Set rules that you think are fair. Some guilds are relaxed and some are competitive. Just decide which you want to be and go forward with that.

I’m fine with casual competitive. I don’t need us to be the best but I like to see others actually contribute to a guild that is giving them a 100% log in bonus, huge synergy bonuses and all the rewards the 3 top players are paying for.

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Yes, players that come back to the game can always ask for a spot like everyone else. Not kicking is how guilds die, even casual guilds.

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way to soft IMO 100 days etc. way to long . most people would not even exceed 2 weeks. if you want guild to grow that is. get your kicking boots on :slight_smile:

Casual doesn’t need to mean non-competitive :wink:

Heroes United (#13 and climbing on PC leaderboard) has always been a “Casual” guild … no hard set requirements …

BUT that does not mean there are no expectations!! Our members contribute what they can, where each member understands that the more they contribute, the more they get in return … I don’t think we have any selfish souls in our ranks at all …

The expectations are laid out clearly and it’s up to the members, if they drop ranks, then they better start making more of an effort, or they are soon out !!

As an example of how well our system works, once I learnt 2.0 was out “soon” and had a new kingdom, I started collecting keys … I currently have just over 3000 stored, and that was maybe a 3 week period …


on pc side, we kick if someone wants in and we havent heard from someone else in the guild in over a week (either a chat, battle, or gold). we have 30 active players now. when we kicked in the past, we kicked the oldest inactive player first. tried to stay around 28 until everyone was active

Now I just have to get the game to stop turning every message into *****************************

You might want to try to message the person also or see how many days it been since they’ve been online. I only say that because I’m prior service I would get deployed come back and find out I’ve been kicked not happy on my part invest a lot of time into some of the guilds that was in or teams or Clans. Come home after defending their country to find out I’ve been kicked on what little bit of pleasure I get out of playing video games. So I will message everyone if they’re on your friends list assuming you’re the leader of the guild they are and ask them to give you a heads up so that you do not kick them while they are gone.

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Sorry about spell correct should have read it before I hit send but I think you understand what I’m saying :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out how to complete this task. Please let me know how. But as states have a Mastery level 10 in a one Mana type? After you hit the right bumper this is on Xbox One by the way. It states Focus your Mastery levels into a few specific Mana types to maximize your bonuses reward 2000 gold.