Guild Leaders Only, Looking to form an Alliance of upper guilds


I Propose the formation of an Alliance for some of the PS4 Upper guilds looking from 2 to 4 Guilds. To help each other by trading Suitable members that would specifically Help One Another grow and Rise in the leaderboards.

Just kicking this idea around…I have had many Jump Ship for greener pastures so to speak, and many come to Crimson Sky because we are a bit more lax than some other Other top 30 guilds


We have a community in PS4 that I invited you to, come on over.


it still says I am awaiting approval


Oh ok I’ll talk to him then.


Great idea. I’ve already sent you a couple, so it’d be great if anyone was interested in trading places in the future.


Same here, but lately they have come to me, on their own, no poaching. And I always ask if they want my guy. Sometimes they play good, but bracket 1 isn’t for them.


I wouldn’t mind suggesting members though many of the members I have, when they feel like leaving. It isn’t so much to leave to another higher guild, often to a lower guild, or quiting. So I guess just not there yet where a member wants to trade up. Though if I ever do get any that feel they would like to trade up I certainly do not have any issues with helping them find a higher end guild. Its a lot better than just poaching them. And can come with a recommendation from me as well on their performances. Guilds that poach just sour the relations with other guilds. And while they may not feel that’s important. Community relations on a positive is ALWAYS a worthwhile effort. We all play together no need to step on toes in the process.


Well said! And i will add this… I am not a ps4 GL but if someone wanted to move down out of bracket 1 the only 2 guilds i would recommend would be yours and CS.


Same here, plus gra if they wanted a br 1 guild.


Like right now I have 2 members I really like but they do not meet requirements anymore. And seems hard for them. And since I like them do not just want to kick them. Though not sure if I can find a good guild for them to rest in that is lower expectations. They both get busy a lot and/or play other games. So some weeks they do requirements other weeks they do maybe half. IE about 50 trophies, various amounts of gold and usually very low on seal donations. Or in other weeks do next to nothing. If anyone is willing to have them with their random ability to assist in a guild. They are very very nice members just activity is all over the place. Let me know. They are both rl friends.


Check with @Madhermit in Burn down 4what


Saw this thread via @Vangor - I’m a guild leader on PS4 (Guild - Casual Spirit). Very lax but passionate guild more than willing to welcome players who aren’t meeting standards, or who need to take a break, etc… Happy to be a guild to help people in these situations. We only have about 5 active members (13 total), but love playing, play GW every week (and win! in the 900ish brackets), and are 99% of the time hitting the 40K guild goals. We have no requirements, other than contribute what you can, when you can, and if you can play in GW great! if not, no worries.

PM me if interested! They can also leave whenever they want, no pressure to stay, or if you wanted them to rejoin your Guild, not a problem!


thread re: my guild recruitment


So its poaching when a person sends a pm to someone else from another guild attempting an unsolicited recruitment but what is it called when a former member who got booted due to inactivity sends vulgar and harassing PMs to stir up trouble in their former guild?


I think “harassment” would be the word. The victim should send screenshots to Salty.

I won’t name names, but I know someone that had that happen and the perp got an in-game ban.


They were sent over psn message


Just block them and move on.


So I’m a moderator now and can get any leader in but only if they are respectable.
We have 11 leaders in It so far.


This is not reviving a dead thread. Given the nature of what this thread is. Only a inquiry if other guilds are still actively doing this? I have been doing this already with a few guilds, and just wondering if the others are alive and kicking still. Or what is the status?


No one has bitten yet, I have been thinking of a Guild merger …it may be the only way so save Crimson Sky.