Climbing up Guild Wars brackets - Case example: Gems of Thr0nes (PS4)


I think there are way less people playing GW than many people think. Most of the teams we’ve been beating are between 1 to 5 active players tops the whole system is broken until you get to the top 20 or 30 teams probably. I have guys that have alts in bracket 6 I should get their info next GW to see how many are competing in that bracket we are still months from getting to…


The “Grind” shouldn’t exist. It should rapidly put you in a bracket where guilds are competitive with you. You’re not fighting against npc’s to get to a goal. You’re playing PVP. this is not a new technology, but a system that has been solved and refined by hundreds of other games for many years.

My guild’s own problems:

Now, made so much more painful by having GW once every three weeks.


We were pretty much in the same situation as expected. Again we had 2 people not able to play this week but even with the 28 that did you can see the results.

I included a picture of the bracket above us as well (Bracket 18) and you can see we are many times the score of their #1 team again (or as usual if you prefer). The system really needs a complete rework this has been going on for months.



Couldn’t agree more on the posts above.

Our table as a video with upper and lower bracket showing also


Update. It is the following Guild Wars week (so three weeks later), and my guild has been moved up a whopping 5 brackets… so from Bracket 146 to Bracket 141. At this rate, it’s going to be many months, maybe even over a year, before we will see any reasonable competition.


What the heck! We went up our expected 20 from the 181 I posted last GW to 161 this week…

Did you put in a ticket it sounds like something went wrong you should be jumping at least 20 every week (in some of the higher brackets we even jumped 30 and 40 if I remember correctly until we got down to the 400’s I think)



5 brackets, not 5 places. So we jumped 50 places. But that still leaves the problem of not being able to actually encounter any real competition for a good year or more.


ah ok yeah 50 is a good jump based on what we went through when we were back there but yeah the new 3 week time cycle just means both are guilds are further than ever from getting into the top 1 to 5 brackets where we should be


Yeah, it’s now been over a year since we started to climb up the brackets and we still are in a non-competitive bracket. Something like bracket 35, who cares… All under top-2 are practically child’s play fields anyway.

So it’s a bit like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption, being locked in a prison for no reason. Sure we hope that the new guild update will be our Rita Hayworth, but since we can’t really dig the hole by ourselves… …or actually this was my plan of finding a way out of this stupid lock… …but no, nobody cared enough. Well, Tim Robbins’ character might have been in prison for many years, with current pace we get out of our prison in 2 years. So I guess things could be worse.


Wow, we got up from Bracket 35 (or something like that) to 19. Wow.


In just one cycle? That’s amazing!
I’d rather be home instead of at work to check our progress. We’re experiencing the same progression in our Xbox guild for over a year, been B40 last GW week.


Having GW once in 3 weeks hasn’t made climbing the ladder any easier for you guys :confused:
There should be a solution to the problem. I’d say brackets below 10 could be reorganized solely based on points after each GW. It’s only like the top 5 brackets that are even playing competitively anyway, so I bet everyone would be on board with making that type of shortcut.

Our Guild placed in wrong bracket PS4

My guild (pc/mobile) jumped up 19 brackets this week.


Congrats @Bolatsi :smiley:

Our guild (I’m in the same one with @Macawi) was happy to see a big jump as well. I wonder if the devs put that new bracket movement plan into action and just didn’t announce it.


To reply to my above post, we made it up to B33 so +7 in a week.
That’s way better than 1 or 2 what we were climbing the past year.


My guild ‘GTA’ on PS4 should be in Bracket 2 this week but hasnt been moved up. We were 1st in bracket 3 till sunday reset. So i dont understand what is going on. So i hope They can rectify it or at least the rewards situations to reflect where we should be


On Salty’s Twitch stream tonight, she did confirm that what we are seeing is the GW bracket movement fix that the devs have been talking about for awhile.


Would you kindly enlighten us with ‘what the devs have been talking about for awhile’, exactly?



I don’t care what you do going forward @kafka , but GTA has earned the rewards from reaching bracket 2 from previous guild wars and won’t receive the rightful compensation at the end of this guild war since you have arbitrarily displaced us. The rewards for guild wars are poor as it is and when you cheat players out of that tiny reward it is an even bigger insult. At weekly reset I expect that GTA will receive the extra 75 gems and cards that we earned. No one can argue with that. If we don’t receive it then all of this community will see it and know you play guild favoritism