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Guild Wars Bracket System - Has it been addressed in 3.3?

Despite repeated efforts to address concerns regarding the slow progress of constantly placing first in brackets (our guild has exceeded 1 million points and is usually 1.1-1.3 in GW with closest 2nd place team usually being 1/10th of that), it look like our requests were not addressed or acknowledged for some attention to be paid to the slow progression of guilds up brackets?

With guild wars every 3 weeks, can you please confirm whether it is still to be the case that a guild can only climb two brackets at a time? We’ve already put in more than 4 months managing a full roster of active end-game players (not easy to do when you don’t have the incentives of top 3 GW bracket rewards) and have progressed from Bracket 90(?) to a mere Bracket 54, moving at a glacial pace.

With GW only every 3 weeks, and being conservative in the assessment that we are most definitely a guild that belongs in at least Bracket 10. To move up 44 brackets should still take at MINIMUM 22 rounds of guild wars, or another 66 weeks. More than another 1.25 years. So our guild will have spent 100 weeks (nearly two years) progressing to where it should be positioned in Guild Wars, so we’re finally up against other end-game players and not dead or dormant guilds with 5/30 people or worse, single-person guilds like we currently are.

Developers, please confirm? Especially @Kafka who repeatedly assured us on Xbox that this had been passed on to developers. And address if this is going to be fixed for 3.4. If not, It’s time to say farewell to this game as that’s a grind once 100% completion is achieved and Xathenos forged, as no dedicated customers and players of your game should have to be undertaking a 2-year grind while trying to hold together a 30-person force to be reckoned with that’s worthy of being in the top 10 brackets of guild wars but are stuck laboring week after week on a fool’s errand to only move up 2 brackets at a time–while our members get noticed by guilds in the top two brackets and enticed away for the massive guild wars rewards in those brackets as compared to ours.

Hoping you can give us more information than you have thus far, and tagging my colleague as this is something we’ve both spoken with @Kafka about directly: @WyomingPixel


Something should be done about all the inactive guilds in the leaderboards, I think this would be a great first step.


I hope if it has not been addressed yet, that it will be addressed in the near future.


I have screenshots showing that the developers would look into restructuring guild wars scoring. Telling us “we don’t think it’s unfair for a guild to take 6 months to work up to top rank contention.” That 6 months will now be 18 months, at least.


There is not really a fair way to do anything other than what they are doing. You can’t go by points alone because then lower tier guilds would have a unfair advantage because the competition is much easier in lower brackets.


You can just remove automatic subscription for the GW for guilds with less than 10 (or 5, or 15 or whatever :slightly_smiling_face: ) active players. It would be a nice start.

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Smaller guilds have the right to compete just like every other guild so excluding guilds with few players is not a fair solution either.


Hi D_Houzz, I am not sure what you are expecting here from Kafka and the developers? Kafka responded to the player Anita’s feedback request in a support ticket and, as asked, went onto Xbox chat to explain the same thing to your guild. Kafka said they would pass on the feedback to the development team. It was passed on.

If you were expecting this suggestion to be implemented into the game since the time this situation occurred (Jan 30th), it’s not likely to happen. We had already completed update 3.3 at this stage many weeks ago and were testing the update. At this point in the development process there is no room for major design changes, features or adjustments, so unfortunately any changes we could have made would not have gone in. As Guild Wars has changed to once every 3 weeks we’ll need to let it run for awhile to see how it goes in this new system before considering further changes.


We were told by Kafka that the developers didn’t think it was unfair for a guild to take 6 months to get to be able to contend for the top spot. Before the update it would take 8 months, and that’s without losing at all. Now it will take 2 years. To use your example that would not be fair at all.

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How are guilds not in the top spots supposed to keep members from leaving for top guilds now? Are we supposed to tell them “Just wait, in 2 years we might be competing for first place” or what?


An unacceptable, not to mention condescending, response given the multiple users who also jumped on this thread with additional minor suggestions (that wouldn’t break the system in a future patch–nobody here is talking about the past except YOU) and have been continuous grievances since the implementation of Guild Wars.

Since “you’ll need to run it for a while” every three weeks (even though nothing has changed in the event type from when it was one week), we shouldn’t expect any changes even though the problems with Guild Wars were numerous and presented to you all since their implementation–fixes were promised for them prior to 3.3.

Since there are 52 weeks in a year, and you’ll be running the event every 3 weeks as was implemented in 3.3, should we expect that things will remain entirely the same for 6 cycles, more than 4 months; 9 cycles, 6 months?

When you say “in this new system” what you mean is, “in this new economy.” You’re not fooling anyone. It’s no wonder a development company based out of a country with the globe’s largest number of gambling addicts and the largest casino gaming industry has managed to provide the same level of customer experience and money (and time) loss when compared to any positive value provided by the company. House advantage built right in, and you’ve partnered with one heck of a company to milk the $$$ for all it’s worth with 505 as the publisher.

I can’t wait until the laws that are beginning to pass globally requiring legal mandates of loot box odds and actual monetary returns on real-cash purchases in video games using the ‘freemium’ video game model to unfairly scam consumers pass and you’re actually forced to be transparent as a company in order to operate in the countries you do (as was recently seen with Blizzard/Activision in China).

When that day comes, you’ll probably adjust the entire economy to make it appear as if it was ‘this fair all along,’ but personally, I hope that the pirate ship you’ve got so overloaded with actual currency from predatory transactions sinks straight-up Titanic style with all of your careers going down with it.

Oh, I can hardly wait! You know Canada is the next major economy where it’s going to happen, right? That’ll really suck for you… But until then, you’ll continue preying upon consumers while hiding behind frequent answers of, “well, there’s more to consider and our publishers have a very long, drawn out process for in-game changes that impact the game’s economy” (like I just witnessed on a pathetic excuse of a “community engagement” Twitch stream).

I can’t wait to be through with you all. My only regret is having invested enough money to get to VIP 7 and having to lose some of the quality relationships with people I’ve met through the game who’ve continuously hoped to have a receptive audience from developers but are continuously left disappointed in the reality that comes to fruition and the treatment of the very people you should value most–YOUR CUSTOMERS. We’ve chosen to invest hundreds and in some cases thousands of hours into your casino-disguised-as-a-game (without any chance of return) over the years, let alone the money most of us have put in. What have we purchased and spent our time on exactly? False promises of exciting futures for the game and a brutal reality that even once something seemingly new and potentially exciting is released it won’t work and your customers will be your actual beta testers for the next fiscal quarter (or three).

It’ll be a sad day when we all uninstall and walk right out the door of the corrupt and parasitical 0% return casino realizing what fools we’ve been and for how long.



I’ve been vocal about my dislike of the new game modes and the nerfs and whatever, but this reply is completely insane to me. If you don’t like it that much, quit. I don’t like it that much sometimes, so I vent for a little bit then log off for a few hours, or the day, and I come back again and am in a better mindset.

This is a free game that is always going to screw the players while telling us that we’re getting something to compensate for everything we (quote don’t know unquote) that we lose like every free game before it and every free game after it.


How disrespectful. You chose to spend money on this game nobody forced you.
Joke’s on you, lol.


While not in this situation myself I have wondered how new guild (or guild in their situation) is ever suppose to catch up now with bracket system as it was before GWs became every 3 weeks. One may not like the OPs wording but he does bring up a very valid point. It is something to be looked at. I mean the math is on his side. It just would take too long.


Then maybe GW should be reworked to have a weekly leaderboard that resets itself just like Invasion/Raid Leaderboard. With this new time-frame for the events it could work.

There are, of course, a lot of details to be addressed in such change like the scores for each battle, specially because it makes the whole event much more engaging but at the same time demanding.

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I understand your point. But when we have been rising from Bracket 164 to Bracket 61 in 6 months, this is what we are still facing (screenshot taken today).

“A guild”, consisting of one player.

So do you think it’s a working system when a guild of 30 players needs to play for a year, let alone 3 years in the current 3-week system, in order to get where they belong?

More of my thoughts and insight from the system here:


If you removed some rights from a halfway-dead guilds it “might” make people move to other guilds, honestly active but casual. As it is people in all kinds of guilds struggle with recrutation and it’s not fair either. Perhaps 10 players is too much of a restriction but 5? Should be a resonable number. I am also seriously fed up with people who create guilds and in two weeks abandon them, making the pool of dead and halfway-dead guilds in automatic search grow even more. Not everybody like to search for a guild on chat and silent but active members deserve to grow in good guilds too.


Just to be clear, this guild or these members may have only brought this to the devs attention on January 30th but members in my guild, Gems of Thrones, submitted tickets about this over 4 months ago. When those seem to be dismissed (the response I got was pretty much work hard and one day you’ll get there) one of our members (Bolatsi) started a thread in the forum on January 8th.

January 30th was by no means the first this issue was raised. Just sayin.


The lower guilds aren’t scoring over a million points. For example, this week in bracket 61 Gems of Thrones has 616,680 points. That is higher than the number 1 guild in bracket 1 as of the typing of this. There is another guild in this bracket that is at 89,047. Using the pure scoring system, during the next GW’s that guild would be moved into a bracket with the 9 guilds that scored closest to them. Making it a competitive battle. If the next GW round they score 216,000 then they should be placed with 9 similarly scoring guilds.

By doing it this way I feel it places guilds around exactly the same level of players. They will be of similar experience level with similar decks and statue rank.

If we were moved to bracket 1 next cycle based on score we would probably see a drastic decline in our overall score because our statues aren’t complete yet. Which means the next cycle we would drop to similarly scoring guilds.


That is EXACTLY how it should work. That weeks work gets rewarded. Your guild slacks off, you get less rewards IMMEDIATELY in the rankings.