Class changes should not cost 50 gems, especially during class events


And if you don’t use the same class for one day to another, you will have to plan carefully.
And if you want to use an already level 100 class, you will have to use it for 1 day…

I guess that the Class Event should be enough to compensate, no?

What you maybe don’t know is that before there was a gold fee to do PVP battles (but you get more gold to compensate). And reviews were very bad, with a lot of players saying that this game was a P2W.
This change class fee for me is of the same kind. Before Hero wasn’t so good so players didn’t care much about changing often the class. But now more players will meet this fee/issue and more of them will get upset about it and maybe we will go back to the “it’s a P2W game, I leave” riot.


I think the class charge should be reduced to say 10 gems or at least make it where you can lock in the Def you want for guild wars. No one in their right mind would change it to do battles then change it back once its over. That is 100 gems for one day and if you maxed sentinels that is 440 gems so no one but maybe 1st or 2nd place could ever afford it and even they would not see it as worth it.


I agree. If they want to charge 5 or 10 gems to change most people could go with it but the 50 to change and 50 to change back for guild wars is a massive fail. Maybe drop the charge just for guild wars might also help.


To me it’s not about them making money. It’s about whether I want to do the things they’re working on. I feel like that’d kind of matter to them.

They just put a lot of work into reworking all classes. They created a new event type that focuses on classes. It seems like they want players to use hero classes. But my behavior before and after this change is identical: I pick the class that is good for the week on Monday and never change.

For me to entertain changing back and forth, the class I’m changing to has to deliver 50 gems worth of values. Unless there’s a Sigilpriest in the works that is Divine, causes all Divines to start with 50% mana, and generates 1 sigil (boosted by ally divines) on every 4 or 5 match, I don’t think I’m going to be paying 50 gems to switch back and forth. And even then, I’d only switch to it once during sigil weeks.

It’s not about money, it’s about asking why the heck we got an entire update devoted to hero classes yet I can’t change hero classes without a hefty fee. I didn’t want to change classes before, and I don’t want to change classes now. That’s a pretty big failure on the “hero class revamp” front.


I don’t think that is the only way to see it.
For me the point of class talent trees is more about class identity and not having/wanting to switch classes that often rather than the opposite.
And it works for me, being the type of player that gets attached to things he kind of identifies with in games, i am a Titan for life. I generally don’t like to switch into other classes other than for pure synergy reasons or testing stuff out, with a few exceptions. And i actually enjoy being able to switch talents around to adapt the class i really like instead of switching straight to another class to adapt or just to have a viable hero.

For testing new things and playing something else for a change, being able to switch once a day for free is absolutely enough for me as i am attached to Titan by a mindset i bring over from classic rpgs and mmorpgs where most people tend to have some kind of class ‘pride’ making them stick to it even though it might not be optimal for a current task.
Having said that Titan is pretty great right now(after the Storms fix) for that and switching talents around works, i am not sure how true that is for most of the other classes.

I’d also like to add that i am not advocating to stick to the fee, while it doesn’t really affect me i would not mind it going away on behalf of other players, i am simply saying that the hero class revamp doesn’t necessarily go against the class fee, but instead gives more room to play your hero effectively without having to switch more than once a day.


I can see that and it’s an interesting take. I think too I’m confused and there’s a question I keep asking and no one answers.

If the fee is there and the devs insist they won’t change it, there has to be a reason. Occasionally some vague “bad player patterns” are referenced. What bad player patterns? I’m curious about the intended function of this fee. To me, the only obvious function is to make an interesting game action cost gems. If I understood what else it was doing, maybe I’d be less agitated.

But in the life of this thread no one’s answered. I’m beginning to suspect there isn’t an answer. It’s “something that’s always existed” so “we assume it has a purpose”.


It’s a similar thing with me. After unlocking all the classes, I mainly use the Warden class as I generally use beasts, and I like the class traits. When the skill trees were introduced, i used it even more as the skills catered to my play style. As for class fees, I’m not going to say “let’s remove changing fees”, because when i change classes, I have no reason to pay the gems to change classes again for that day.


For tabletop RPGs there is always someone asking me: “Why gnolls?” and depending of my mood the answer can go from:
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I’ll ping @Sheba, it’s important she don’t miss this. :rofl:
¹²³: These are all insults being conveniently censored for a family-friendly enviroment.


This is amazing.


You play guild Wars?


I indeed am glad for the ping! :joy: Kinda wish this image would depict the next Gnoll troop we get…

I should add, though, that “long-eared” is not a good censoring for an insult, as “long-eared” is automatically a compliment, given that bunnies have long ears, hence calling anyone a simple “long-eared” implies a closeness to the greatest of animals. I suppose you need to clarify at least the ear-shape a bit more to avoid such a happening.


Yes I do. In case you’re wondering, my hero is used at least once during GW week, mostly on green day. The other days are filled with teams that have good synergy with each other.


I totally agree apart from the VIP bit (you may have just given the devs a :moneybag:idea…tsk). Not only should it be free, different classes should be allowed for your defence and offence teams…esp in guild wars. We are encouraged to boost hero (by spending gems) but are given limited access to him even if we spend more gems. The 50 gem fee should be waived, as a minimum in the next update.