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Class changes should not cost 50 gems, especially during class events

I’m doing it as Priest, because I can’t be assed to spend 50 gems to be a Dragonguard for the Dragonguard event. Especially considering it will take 7 sigils for me to gain 1 level and you expect me to trade 500 gems for the same from the shop.


this is some truth, it kind of burns my ass pretty bad at this point with all of the new game modes, it is not like I would even have gems left to get VIP chests anyways if you want to do the events

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The horse is dead.


I believe that stance is wrong and I’m not going to stop calling it out as wrong because some players disagree.


Not to mention screwing up gw defenses.


I edited out the part that is irrelevant in the topic name.

For the thought about this topic, I think the dev are very clear now that they’re not gonna change anything about it. If they somehow take your request and reduce gems cost on class change only on Class event, what’s preventing them from changing it on the other parts as well? So at this point, I don’t think this gonna happened.

On another related note, I have a problem with changing classes as well, as sometimes I want to just customize other classes, but accidentally change current class into them in one wrong click. I think It would be nice to have extra dialog asking yes/no to confirming if you really want to change to that class, which should appear even if the cost is currently free.


Honestly, even if they did reduce or get rid of the switching cost, I’m sure we’ll “pay” for it, some way or another. Thats how everything works in Gems now. Everything “good”, even the most simple and obvious stuff that should be done, regardless, comes at a steep price.

Advocating for change about anything seems counter productive at this point. Yeah, we might get what we sought after, but we will probably get slapped with something else in return.

It seems you can’t win these days, in Gems, in that regard. Everything comes with a “catch”. There’s no “for the player”, anymore. Just “(go) for the player’s wallet”. Whatever gets them the most money, wins.


What @JonathanStriker says has merit.

So, we should not relent is demanding what we want out of the game loudly and continuously. I don’t care that Salty said that they have made their position known and they are not willing to discuss it, treat this situation like waves on a beach, we are the waves and by constantly bringing up this money-grubbing BS from the publisher and developers we will wear them down with continuously surging complaints/water.

Fight the good fight, don’t give up, never give up, never surrender!


They need to lower the timer to 1 hour (or less) while we wait for the appropriate fix, which could take months or more. To my knowledge, they haven’t commented on this yet.

This isn’t like all the other economy suggestions that we know there is probably no way they are going to implement, because its intended to be a resource drain and then people spend money and thats that. The official dev stance is that they don’t actually expect people to spend the 50 gems, and that it is meant to discourage bad play patterns. Basically, we got an essentially incomplete class revamp because changing the way heroes are stored in teams (the way they want the system to work eventually) was too risky to do in a content patch given the legacy code they had to work with and the amount of time they had. We’ve already “paid” our price for it in that heroes have to be in battles to progress their class, but we didn’t get the “benefit” in that hero classes can be stored on teams and we don’t need the fee.

Having the fee there pre-patch, I’d say it served its purpose. Now that you have to use the hero in a team to progress them and might be inclined inclined to actually build teams around some of the new hero synergies instead of just brute forcing with whatever class they happen to be, we need a bit more slack while we wait for the fix.

Given the official dev explanation as to why they are not removing the fee for now, reducing the timer seems like a completely reasonable, achievable, and most importantly, trivially implementable compromise. This would still meet every criteria for the official explanation for leaving the 50 gem fee in while putting up less roadblocks for experimentation and fun, you know, the things you want to encourage.


It’s nuts that this is still happening and we still have to have these threads.

I cannot believe that any legacy code would stop simply changing a legacy stored integer value. Change 50 gems do 5 gems, or 24 hours to one hour… really…

I’m no programmer - I’m an accountant with some basic vba knowledge - but I do believe given access to the game’s unity code, within a few hours I could find and change those variables without breaking anything else…


At this point in time no changes will be made. You are, of course, welcome to debate this issue to your hearts’ content. Please just be aware that it is inappropriate to contact us privately and harass us over this matter. (I’m not naming names, but it has happened.)

This is one hell of a hill to die on, FWIW.

I hope the imaginary gem value from gems potentially gained with this player-hostile “feature” in place outweighs whatever arbitrary number the suits have cooked up to justify stonewalling players on this matter.



Changing the timer to 1 or even 2 hours would be good for me. I’d love to be able to grind out explore for an hour or 2 with Archer to level it up and then change to Priest for an hour of PvP and then change to Dragonguard for an hour to do the class event and then change to Archer for some more explore etc but it would end up costing me hundreds of gems.

All this gem cost is doing is stopping me from playing. Right now my Titan class is 29 I would love to change to it and get it up to 40 and then switch to Warden and get that up to 40. It would only take me a couple of hours to get Titan up to 40 but then I would be stuck with it until tomorrow so I haven’t even bothered playing.


I needed a class for my GW which is level 100… so I was stuck for 24 hours with my already-level-100 class.

I don’t believe that anymore.


My opinion is that in the future hero’s classes will be more and more powerful and mandatory, especially in PVP and GW.

Based on that, class change cost will never be removed

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I think it’s a good thing. Hero is getting very powerful now and needs to be special. Not spammed everywhere.

Just pick one and stick with it for a day. You get another chance tomorrow.

Next threads we will see if this happened is “The hero is everywhere and too powerful. please add timer.”

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Heroes are already all over the place. Everyone is already picking one. The Divine class, with Divine Protector. Since its not encouraged to change hero classes, everyone is sticking to the Priest class. Great design


But that is with divine boost. Is it odd that dragons and divine boost both happened on guild wars?

When someone does that, change their fee to 200 gems.


I suspect that based on Salty’s reply, the official publisher stance is that they are seeing enough people spend the Gems where this has become another Gem sink. Given the new direction of the game I’m not surprised at her response at all.

Heaven forbid something is done that is purely in the player’s favor.