Definitely time to remove the 50 Gem cost for Switching Class

As Title says with 3.5 this needs to be removed ASAP

Please Devs look into this.


The technology to make this feat possible just isn’t there right now, I’m afraid.


The new class system makes this cost egregiously offensive, I agree. The fact that the update was released with the class change cost unaddressed is kiiiiinda a major failure on the devs’ part. Oh well.

Crossing my fingers to see this handled ASAP.


It should take 5 seconds to change the 50-gems fee in a 0-gem fee…


The devs have said that touching any part of the class change fee requires rewriting very old code and could possibly break the game. Yes, even changing the number. I call BS, because…well…come on…but *shrug* what do I know?


Change 50 gems for 1 gem, broke the game ? Lol ?


The devs always avoid the discussion about changing the value of the fee. They always explained that removing the fee is difficult.

As said, changing the fee is like changing a number in a text file. Save it. And that’s all.


Oh god.
I hadn’t even thought about this.
Come on devs…

Switch it to 1 free swap a day, then 50 gems per (which is obsurd on its own level).

I feel like taking the gem fee away would definitely NOT break the game. But whatevs, I’m not a computer expert…and it still sounds like an amazingly lame excuse.


I totally agree, the sooner the better…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Right, that the technology wouldn’t be there is rubbish…

It’ll never be removed.

You are so right… :+1::+1:

Small indie company, etc

Based on Avoidance, and lack of action well over a year, or occasional use of the word ‘difficult’ to change. One can surmise that the 50 Gem fee is a dictate or mandate from the publisher, And the developers need permission to alter it.

Anything economy based must be run by them for approval. Legally they just can change a text file w/o authorization.

This is what everyone’s thinking but no one’s saying aloud.

The long arm that is the irrational greed of the publisher seems like it’s playing a hand in this refusal to change a player-hostile feature, but until they come clean with the reality of it, who knows?


But, maybe they lost the source code and only have the executable AND a run time cyclic redundancy check is done on the executable.
Yeah, that must be the reason.

As salty herself pointed out in another post. They already changed class change from once a week to once a day. This is after dev stream they constantly deflect to when asked. Point being they already did it once. I’m not buying its too hard to code. Mostly since all they will say is “we covered it in a stream already”. It’s just… Look you did once, it’s not mission impossible. If you want it in game just say so. Said stream they keep saying they talked about extensively barely got a paragraph on the issue. Can be summed up with “too hard. Moving along”

Just change it :stuck_out_tongue:


Guild Wars is gunna be a nightmare next week. I want to use hero on defense and attack. When I’m doing my battles my defense will be wrong class plus have to pay 50 damn gems.


It already felt dumb, now it feels dumber. If we’re supposed to explore the options of the Hero class it shouldn’t cost us resources to do so.