Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)

With the new game modes it’s even more annoying than ever that I can’t change class. I’ve never understood why it should cost gems anyway? We aren’t getting anything like opening chests etc. It certainly won’t break the economy or anything else by making it free to change.


We have said this a million times, making a new thread might be what we need to help. That would really be awesome if something was done about the 50 gem cost and the 24 hour timer just to change the hero class.



The new modes have made changing classes more important (for me at least) than ever, and they have also given us a ton of new ways to spend our gems. It seems more than reasonable to drop the fee to change classes now. It would be great if the devs finally listened to the players on this.


I agree that we should be able to change classes at a whim now without cost.
I disagree that a new thread does not help, if we keep throwing it in their faces eventually they will likely cave or maybe at least respond.


You know what, you’re right and I’ll edit my post because you helped change my opinion.

Please can we lose the 50 gem cost, please, and remember, the more likes we give this thread the more it will get noticed!


What these people say because it is the truth, it should not cost gems to change class, it should be free or you can please put gems back in LT’s and tasks and I will not complain as much,


And we know the devs can hot fix the cost down without needing a patch.


We also know they can hot fix the vault rewards but it doesn’t mean they will do it


+1 to this yet again


If you had a choice between:
a) Class change costs 5 gems
b) 1 free every 24 hours or 50 gems (as it is now)
Which would you take?

Take into account that in order to have multiple classes (that are traited up and hence worth switching between) you are unlikely to be an early game player and therefore likely to have multiple kingdoms leveled - hence hourly tribute should net you some gems

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+1 to this from me as well, though it’s my first time seeing this sort of post.

I like to be able to toy with my lineups, it seems silly I have to pay Gems for it each time I need to change Hero Class. It’s not getting you extra Gems from me, it’s making me play with my lineup less!

We have enough crap to think about and keep track of, please remove this Gem Penalty for wanting to try something new!!!


All the reasons for having a cost are pointless in the face of the fact that we’d all rather be able to change on a whim.


Yes, once more, +1. Not holding my breath that anything will change here.


I’d even be happy with just changing the timer to only 1 hour instead of 24.


I will dream harder. I would like to have hero that is free from the limit of one class. In the same day I want play with class bard in pvp and have my hero class oracle in defense team.
Why not?


I think they are working on this already but won’t be till some far off future update. I’m just asking for a temporary relief until then.


Yes, remove the cost to switch classes. It is exiborbitant. We should be able to set defense teams with different classes saved. If I pvp with bard, but need orbweaver for defense what am I supposed to do? The system in place is terrible. Different teams should be able to have different classes.


Its nice when they say they wish we use our hero more. Release classes and weapons, but let the cost from 50 gems.

I wish i could use my hero in most of my fights in any mode, but i CAN’T!.
In gw i have to wait sometimes many hours before i can play the next battle, because my hero have the wrong class and i must wait for the freechange. A switch for 50 gems? NEVER!

Most of the people use bard for sure because its the best or universal but they can’t play funtimes with other less used classes.

(the teamplaces are the next thing or it is like raid with separate slots in this mode)

p.s. i’m fine with gold for change, 10.000 or 50.000. whatever. but not gems


What if they used their own new “Gem Value” rewards formula (from Raid Tier Rewards) and converted the 50 Gem cost. It would come out as 6,000 Gold to change the Hero :wink: /s


I agree the inability to use different hero classes is really frustrating. There are times I want bard other times I need mechanist or archer or whatever. Saving a class to a specific team slot makes more sense than having the hero be the same class in all slots.