Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)


Still desperately wishing for Hero Class management updates. Still don’t ever expect to see them.


+1 totally agree.

New mode makes this a must


That fix is scheduled with the new game in a year and a half. Ha. They dont give a s@#t. They want your $$$


Getting tired of having to like this over and over and over and over again.

Just drop the cost…

It’s time, devs. :innocent:


The official excuse was they were going to do something about gem change cost when they rework heroes. That was around a year ago.


Not 100% how to work twitter, but I tweeted the elimination of the 50 gem class change charge to @sfawkner and @gemsofwar. I guess try to like and share the tweet?


Just refreshing this & adding my +30 (my entire guild also agree this is ridiculous).
I understood the reasons for it before guild wars, but with the varied teams we are all creating we need to be able to switch classes without a gem penalty.




Bumping again.


It’s long past time- please remove this ridiculous “feature”


remove gem cost of changing class, please


I see what the devs were trying to do: force players to make difficult decisions about using these new hero classes. Sometimes you want Bard, but Titan is already on, so you go with the heroless B team instead of the A team that would have used Bard.

In practice, there are so many game modes and hero classes that all but one class is wasted—the class that best fits whatever task is most important that day. And now that Delves are a daily task, and the hero is the only release from the color restrictions, this limitation is even harsher.

It’s a bit bananas that the situation has gone on this long.


The devs’ reluctance to waive this fee in light of the constant negative attention it brings baffles me. Surely it’s not so lucrative as to warrant burning karma like this.


free to change!free to change!free to change!It’s so important that it should be repeated for three times!


I will pay… …or glory
Just let me keep my gems…I vote souls not like they are really good for anything else at this point


I think even lowering it to 5 gems they would gain more overall. I know id change it more. As it is now, i will not change it before the 24 hour limit.


Asking for gems in this particular case, even if it’s all about another gem sink and by consequence generate an opportunity for a possible demand for gem’s purchases, could be done in much more sensible, fast and interesting ways.

Starting with regular, non-RNG fueled/gacha, items/troops that should be purchasable by a set amount of gems…


Bumping this up because it feels horrible to be stucked usually with Titan while fully knowing there are a bunch of fun and interesting teams I could play with other classes but literally can’t. This needs a fix ASAP it kind of gates a bunch of content under it.

Either reduce the time to 1-2 hours or change the gems to gold or anything that would allow us to play with multiple classes rather than just 1 class and being unable to change it since we’d need a specific one for an event or something.


Oh wow 68+ upvotes now. Are the devs seriously just letting this slide …


Bumping and upvoting again, this needs to be changed.