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Fix hero class change cooldown

This could almost be a Gameplay Chat thread, but I’m assuming Support as I’m assuming this is a bug or oversight, rather than deliberately perverse.

I get a free hero class change once a day, right. I use it, and the recharge shows 23 hrs 59 mins and ticks down. Great.

I pay 50 gems to change class again - and the cooldown for the free change is reset back to 24 hours… That has to be wrong. Paying gems to change shouldn’t cost my free one, surely.

Devs please fix.


I’d prefer if they just removed the cooldown all together. the hero classes aren’t nearly powerful enough to warrant such a system, and it even impairs their viability. I would want to be able to assign my hero classes to particular builds without concern for swapping and having to go back and add my hero back. That was a terribly long sentence, and I apologize now lol.

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That’d be even better, but on the basis that’s not going to be done for us, let’s have the current system be fairly unfair rather than unfairly unfair, at least…

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Not a bug, it’s 24 hours FROM LAST CHANGE.

I understood that, NO NEED TO SHOUT :slight_smile:

I choose to believe this is unintentional. Anywhere else I’ve seen with energy or timer mechanics, they don’t reset if you pay for extras. This (to me, and perhaps many people) feels unfair.

I still think the cost itself is unfair and unnecessary, but if we’re stuck with it, I think it should be fixed to be fairer. Current functionality adds insult to injury…

I should have underlined, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it intentional? @Nimhain/@Sirrian, I summon thee