Hero Class Fee - when does timer start


Now that you can change your hero class for free once a day could someone clarify whether the (free) timer starts counting down 24 hrs from the moment the hero class is changed or whether it sets the fee to free at the daily morning reset the next day - no matter what time of day you changed the class.


I was going to say I think it’s a 24-hour window, but I reset my class late last night and I just checked and it’s listed as “Free.” So I’m going to go with “daily reset.”


Hmm- well I changed mine yesterday evening and just had to pay 50 gems to change it back today so that’s the opposite of your experience lol

I imagined it would be at reset. This is why I am asking for clarification. If it is at reset then I am 50 gems out of pocket :frowning:


Oh wait, yeah. Sorry, forgot I also unlocked Assassin after that, which opens the window again. My data point is useless.


It’s 24 hours from the last Class change you make


Where did you find that information ?


I read this topic because I thought it was about an upcoming (misspelled) Fey hero class :))


It’s based on my experience. Console just got Classes, so I’ve been “collecting” Hero weapons. If I switch Classes at the end of the day, the daily reset never killed the timer.


I was really looking for clarification based on fact (maybe from a dev) since 24hrs has passed and there is still a charge.


Since my experience is based on real events with no subjective input, it’s fact.

And if you still have a timer (reset the game maybe), then either 24 hours has NOT passed or you are experiencing a bug.


It’s definitely 24 hrs from last change. As soon as you switch classes for free you can see the timer start (at 24h of course). So yeah, either less than that elapsed or there’s a bug.


@GemsCollector Ahhh thank you. I had not noticed that little timer before :+1: