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(Solution found)Why does it cost gems to change a class?

Just curious, that’s all. :stuck_out_tongue:

To prevent players from exploiting heroes.

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Their reason for this is they want people to stick mainly with one class, like the puzzle quest games where there were no switching class.

Current setup of the game “encourages” constantly switching classes though. Whenever they do a hero update they will likely incentivise sticking with 1 class. Maybe something like a constantly scaling system based on number of wins with a class on top of other hero reworks.

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well at least it secures server from being spammed with unnecessary class-change requests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
same with pvp rerolls i think, so many clicks could get handful

What I don’t get is:

  • Ascending/Descending/Leveling/Traiting troops should have more of an impact on the server than changing a hero class. How can changing a hero class have the same or more impact on the server than Ascending/Descending/Leveling/Traiting troops. My logical thinking says that changing a hero class would be a minor impact on the server, compared to most things traffic/pvp/troops managements. I am of course not a coder, and I believe that you and Tacet are right, as well as the Devs has their reasons behind doing so. But it is just difficulty for me to understand.

Of course since I am rarly changing the classes with use of gems, I am totally fine with how it is. My message was not about a wish about taking away the gem cost of changing the hero class. It just made me curious about why it costed gems to change the hero class, since the hero classes has been a quite popular/central element in the game.

Are they really a popular element? I used to throw my hero into teams until classes were introduced. Ever since, my hero has received permanent off-duty status, changing classes just messes up team compositions too much. I do enjoy unlocking weapons though, even though I no longer get to use them.

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Yup, It all happened when the bug came that gave hero better stats, then they fixed the bug and gave hero a little boost. I feel hero has not been more popular than nowadays. So compared between before to the bug/love he got, hes quite popular.

I totally agree. Plus, the devs have never said anything about changing heros taxing the servers. They basically gave the reason Tacet stated in his post. They want people to stick with a class identity for awhile.

Original Post:

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Yeah, I agree with Sirrians statement. But also heroes with differently weapons can be looked at as differently troops with skills and spells. Somehow I totally forgot about this this thread. thanks for sharing.

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I would prefer if they got rid of the charge for changing classes. It’s just an added inconvenience when it comes to deckbuilding with the hero. As you said, the hero can use any weapon and that weapon can span various class types. So, the RPG element has already been pushed aside. So, I don’t see the need to hamper class changes for the sake of RP.


I just hit the classes one after another until I get the free weapon. Then I change to the next. When I’m done, I’ll look more closely to see if there is a hero class I might want to use.

I stopped using my hero at about level 50. The weapons seemed too expensive for what you got and his spell didn’t do enough things (compared to other troops’ spells of equal cost.) He had better life, but his attack was also poorer than many I could put in his place, so he didn’t work as a tank (mine is a guy so I am using the masculine pronouns.) As soon as I had enough souls to level a few troops up, I quickly relegated my hero to the role of mascot.

I think this has changed with some of the updates, but I haven’t yet felt a compelling reason to look into it.