Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)


Also a fan! Big fan!


I’m never going to stop saying this is a player-hostile mechanic.

If it took a currency that isn’t gems it wouldn’t be so bad. Instead it reads “we want you to pay money to actually do what class events indicate”.


Currently one of the worst things in this game, total inconvenience


Dear game devs
Please listen to the likes and dislikes of the people who play this game,the 50 gems cost to change class is ridiculous,as it stifles the creative gameplay we all enjoy…As you know,there are people leaving this game and your stubborn stance is making it likely that more will follow…It makes no business sense to annoy your customers by ignoring their wishes…

Yours. A depressed gamer


We asked about that since one year or more. It’s clear it’s in the hands of the publisher who surely doesn’t see why they should remove a potential income.


This is sort of my new “Dawnbreaker in Arena”, I don’t care that the foot is down. The foot is a stupid clan of wannabe ninjas and it is my mission in life to stop their plans.


Not being able to change classes for free means I experiment less with different builds. I think “well, this might work better with Frostmage, but I have to wait 24 hours to see”. So I do.

Devs, do you want us going and finding something else to do?

I have to wonder if this penny ante gem cost helps or hurts the bottom line in the long run.


My favorite classes are Dragonguard and Assassin. I haven’t been able to play them in weeks because I need Titan for delving in the 400+ range. The gem fee actually hinders me from having more fun with classes. It really makes no sense.


I agree

50 gems is too much for a fairly new player like me



Has any request ever gotten 80 likes??? Come on, devs.


Maybe we need to have it hit 100 likes first, 20 more. We can do it!!! :fist::fist::facepunch:


I’ve literally just been on Titan for weeks straight lately. Its been 100 for that whole time. I can’t afford to use something “sub-par” for GW, since I’m vsing insane stuff and trying to win. Same for Delves - I’m pushing up 500.

No experimenting, no leveling. Class event? Use Titan. Mountain of exploring to do? Use Titan.


Only Europeans in favor of that change? :wink:


I think most people are in favor of this change. At least those with whom I’ve talked.

The devs said they don’t want to do it since it is bad for the users to go the class menu and change it but the thing is we have to do that anyway for the class traits. I might use a trait in a certain type of battle and another trait in another team. I constantly switch titan traits like exploding the yellow gem or enrage, glory or duststorm etc.

It’s really a non-issue and should be a straightforward and easy fix. We probably just have to be more vocal about it, constantly and keep the pressure up hoping that devs will eventually do this.


maybe we’ll get it as a Christmas present, like Pharos Ra in soulforge last year ;p


In the latest stream (Halloween edition), Salty and Ozball said something more to the effect of they can’t do it at the moment. See the stream for more info/don’t quote me directly on that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Several months ago Sirrian said that class logic is in a very old part of the code which is dangerous to touch. However, as a software developer, who from time to time need to deal with legacy and bugged code, I must say - they CAN change existing delay from 24h to, for example, 1h and they CAN reduce the cost from 50 gems to 1 gem. They just don’t want to, for some reason.


Fair. For reference, I tracked down the latest response in that stream (so now you can quote me directly, etc.). It’s at ~30:31 in the 1:10:58 long video, 30 October 2018 - Salty says, “No… there’s a number of reasons why we aren’t able to actually implement it at this point in time”.


Bump for this thread. I changed my class to runepriest for the class event and not I am lumped with the horrible choice of paying 50 gems or bring crippled by using it in the faction event.

I don’t for a minute believe they are unable to make the change for coding reasons, but at the very least they should play the game a bit then buff all the non titan classes so it doesn’t feel so terrible using them.


I’ll happily be #96 in favor of this. I only play archer class. Have all the rest unlocked and traited up, many fancy weapons, and i never use any of them because i can’t switch back when I’m done testing. Also, it’ll bugger up my gw defenses. :confused: