Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)


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Being unable to change the code is a poor excuse. Where “poor” is me not saying a bunch of stuff that would have to be censored.

You can go right into the code and change the “50” to a “1”. Its a number. Its not hard. It shouldn’t be hard …


Bump this… much needed in today’s GOW


I’m not sure “we can’t” necessarily means “we lack the technical prowess”. It could also mean “we are not allowed to by those with authority over us”.

Given, as others have pointed out, how incredibly easy it ought to be to make the necessary code changes, I assumed she meant the second.


I’m just thankful the Developers didn’t put much thought into creating classes and relied on RNG to do all their work. So we have SOOO few “decent” perk options in the trees and they are accidently clustered in 2-3 classes.

I could only imagine the 50 Gem cost if we actually had a dozen classes to chose from and they were useful in certain situations.


bump. Remove the gem cost.


There are some useful classes that are barely used as well as some fun classes. I really like playing with the frostmage one for instance… but I do play maybe 2-3 days per month at most since the rest of the time I need to be with the titan.


I agree the fee should be removed because I don’t always have 50 gems to spare on it so I am forced to stick with one class a lot its stupid


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What, this topic for raised from the dead again? Rightfully so, that 50 gem cost is as annoying as the 24 hour window.


I don’t even use gems or hero classes and I think this is absurd and lazy.


At this point in time, we are unable to change the current gem fee. It is an old piece of legacy code that if touched could negatively impact the game and cause more bugs. We would need a significant amount of time and resources to change it without disrupting anything else, which we don’t have at the moment. We are currently hard at work on a number of fixes, quality of life changes and content for our 4.2 update.

Also, it isn’t only our decision. As such, it cannot be made on a whim. I understand your frustration, but we have no current plans to change the 24 hour window or gem fee. There used to be a 72 hour wait between class changes, but we changed it to 24 hours quite a while ago. (Does anyone here remember that? Those were dark days…)


If the devs were able to change it from 72 hours to 24 hours, why is there a difficulty to change it to a shorter time frame?


With the amount of people constantly requesting this (This thread alone has 114 likes and every few weeks a new thread about this pops up) shouldn’t you be putting in the time and resources to change this?

This has been requested for over a year so unless the devs/publishers have never discussed this you can’t calling changing this a whim.


I read “isn’t only our decision” as “505 games are being jerks about it, but I am not allowed to say so directly”.


We meet many player requests, but are unable to fulfil all of them. As I said, I understand that this is frustrating, but we can’t change it at this point in time.

@Maxx, the time period is irrelevant in this case, as it isn’t only our decision to make. I used the word whim to illustrate that we can’t make this decision on our own if we were in favour of changing the gem fee. I hope this clears up any confusion.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we have heard you, but can’t implement your proposed changes. We already made a big call when we changed the time frame from 72 to 24 hours, and aren’t ready to make additional changes, or can’t make additional changes at this point in time.