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Raids and Classes

Can we please have a class section in the Raids menu that only counts in Raids and not outside this mode? That way I can for example choose and use a totally other class when I am doing PvPs and other stuff during the week, it is very expensive to change classes, back and forth.


Or just do away with the 50 gem fee already. I think it’s time to fix all the older stuff and quit pushing out new stuff.

The arena would be s great start and hero as well, treasure maps too. Bring back the gems of war we all used to know and love.


I agree with this. But I think we would have seen the change by now if it was in the Devs plans.


There’s more chance of it being increased to 100 :sweat_smile:

But I fully agree with the OP. Would be a welcomed change/addition.


Just a minor button is needed in the Raids Menu:

Select Class: [ Knight ] arrow up/down


I’d like that because it would be fun to try out different classes.

Perhaps now is the time to petition for the removal of the 50 gem fee for changing… given all the gem sinks all over, is this one even lucrative? Or just functioning as a daily gate?


You’ve been clearly told Raids are ‘Pay to Win’ Period. Paying 100* Gems every single time you want to play Raid’s with your preferred Hero class fits in perfectly with this new design philosophy :wink:.

*Back and Fourth before someone tell me its only 50.