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During guild war week

We need 2 classes for guild wars. 1 for my team and 1 for opponents during battles. I may wanna use titan for my battles and a different class for my defense. Could this be possible?

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Short answer: Yes! Just pay the 50 gem fee.
If you don’t want to pay the fee: NO!.

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This has been a request as long as classes have been around and the dev answer is “this could encourage bad play patterns”. No one’s ever explained what the “bad play pattern is” but it could be encouraged. Totally.

It synergizes especially well with the class event, which also encourages you to change classes.

It’s actually not airtight to pay the fee like @Presto mentioned, because anyone who plays your team while you’re the class you don’t want on defense will face you as the class you don’t want.

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Devs claim to listen to feedback but this literally the most requested change goes ignored. They actually said they will no longer respond to any class change talk.


Heroes are very deadly in wars now and I believe that is why the keep the 50 in place.

I still use hero for defense, I just don’t switch classes.

Assassin hero fits into any team. :wink:


With the introduction of the skill tree on hero, he/she is certainly more viable now on defense and attack. I’ve got him in every defense and probably will use him each day on attack :+1:


Yes, I wouldn’t want the game’s only real player vs. player mode where a single loss has consequences to be more challenging.

I vote we should also institute a 50-gems-per-troop charge for adjusting GW and PvP defense teams. You get one chance and 5 minutes to set up your week’s defenses, then you’d better pay up. It’s shameful that people set up defense teams and fight vs. them to test, one should have confidence in one’s teambuilding skills!

I agree with you. Pay to play.

Where did they say this?