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We will not be speaking on the gem fee further

Could we please be able to change our class for free when we want to…?
Also why can’t we have a defense class set and a offense class set… I would like to run titan or something else for defense teams, but i have to stay on priest for PVP… Letting us change freely or atleast letting us pick a class for defense and a class for offense… would help get all the ubastat teams out of pvp on defense that people keep complaining about…
Not to mention with raids etc we have to switch from Priest to archer… Just let us change freely, and let us have a Offense class and a defense class…


They’ve already stated categorically that the fee will not be removed.

This topic has been discussed over and over and the horse is now dead. Please stop beating it with a stick.

(I want it gone too).

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I don’t care. We the players are speaking. If you don’t like it. Get off my post. I never tagged the devs.
Not only that but how about you read my post again? i also mention putting a defense class option and offense class option. So if you can’t read correctly seek help.

Regardless of what you said, or whether or not you “tagged the devs”, this suggestion is one of thousands, and the devs are not listening, so you’re basically wasting your time, and getting defensive about a response to your post isn’t exactly constructive, either.


Seems like you are the one wasting your time replying to my post :slight_smile:

Hardly, I was just trying to help you see that your crusade is in vain. I enjoy trying to help people sometimes, but if you’re that hard-headed it’s no sweat off my sack. Any further interaction with you from this point onward would be a waste of time, however, so I bid you good day.

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No body seems to read the post. I also said that it woulf be nice to have a offense and defense class then maybey it would cut down on the ubastet meta… I would love to run other defenses but im forced to have Priest on, so i can’t.

“or atleast letting us pick a class for defense and a class for offense…”
Stated above in my post, but people just read what they want to read. It was a 2 part suggestion not just one.


You realise that I am also a player who has asked for this change to happen, right?

Well done. You didn’t tag the devs. You know? The people who can actually make changes to the game? Maybe next time you should tag them.

And the other part of your post, which I read to begin with. Has also been suggested and turned down.

I appreciate you may be new here and not read everything that has been said previously on the matter, but your suggestions are not new. Any of them.

Now that I’ve changed your diaper, is there anything else you require?

I am deffinately new. been playing since release.

requesting to close this post.

It’s not gonna happen they’ve said this many times