Cheating happen much in GoW?

Sorry you guys haven’t been around long enough to understand when someone is telling you the truth. But, if you’d rather stick with your BS theories, go right ahead. It’ll just make that much easier to buffalo the next time.

can believe ya. think I even know the team were talking about. think people just stating that there could be many reasons for this. not necessarily applying to just one team but any given overly weak team thrown up in defense

Of course you are correct that many players put up a weak defense team on purpose. I do it myself. I was referring only to the level 1000 player under discussion.

Every game has cheaters, however it is not a rampant or invasive problem. I can not find any reason to believe that high end players cheat because they get nothing out of it. I will admit that i have tried to cheat this game and have tried to hack it, I failed because there was no systems or tools i had that could not get me spotted by the security and even tried to manipulate my own computer to try to get rewards faster which also failed. I thought the game was tied to my computer’s clock but actually it is tied to the dev’s clock. I do not recommend playing this game and the account that i tried to hack this game on was not banned but was abandoned because i did not care if i got it back. My belief from my own experience is this: Do not try to hack the game because you will fail and then you will lose everything and the security is way too strong for a free to play game. Also cheating makes games boring if you give yourself everything.

What honesty, killerman3333. :laughing:

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Seriously @killerman3333 …come on. Dry snitching? LOL classic! Where is @sethrogensbackhair with the meme???

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Hey it is true. In before banned.

Then why did you try to do it in the first place?


He may have realized this after he hacked his account.

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Agreed, although it is fun to play 1.0.6 defense teams

I never succeeded in hacking my account but i realized it was no fun after hacking plants vs zombies game of the year edition, as well as many clicker games. Also i tried to hack the game out of frustration of how bad i was at the game. I stopped trying because it was impossible so i decided if i can not beat the game on my own and i can not cheat the game and can not trust anyone to help me cheat the game that i should just stop doing things on my own and seek help on how to beat this game. This lead me to this forum which gave me a lot of help at beating the game.

Although I do not condone anyone trying to hack/cheat, I do commend you for coming to the forums to seek help with team builds. More times than not people here will do their best to give you the best advice that they can. In the end you will be much more satisfied with your progression by doing it the right way.

If it wasx not for the forums i might have given in and after a long haitus i came back to my same guild and kicked myself in the butt for missing all those great troops. Last week i was on was the black panther.

May I ask what guild you are a proud member of?

The guild i belong to is ValleyofDeath.

Ok, cool. Ominous and fitting given your handle. Nice touch.

Yep it was a guild i ran, then i gave it to my girlfriend as a gift, then she gave it back to be because she became inactive. Now i run it again in an attempt to give her gifts in game in the only way i know how so she will play with me again.

Alrighty. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Sounds like you guys need to have a heart to heart

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I want her to play more however she does play every day for about 30 minutes to an hour each day. Or did you mean someone else?