Something smells a bit fishy

…and its not my crotch.

Under which circumstances would a player be able to achieve 0 attack wins, 0 attack losses, 91 defensive wins, 0 defensive losses.

Is this person, somehow, taking the piss?

('Cos those numbers feel like a piss-take).

*Able to provide a screen cap if necessary.

You’re not crazy, and this has been seen on PC/mobile before. It’s some sort of glitch, maybe an exploit, but the actual process is being kept quiet to avoid widespread (ab)use.

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Good to know. Like Elvis, Im going to defer to my suspicious mind and say they’re probably hitting an exploit. If it was a low-ranked, new player, I would happily accept its a glitch. But this is from the rank 1 guild… Im dubious.

Iff they are exploiting it, well, Im impressed and vexed in equal measure. I can vaguely glimpse that abuse is doable on pc but (knowing nothing about technology) I imagine its trickier on console? Perhaps not… Either way, shit’s fascinating.

Cheating has never really made sense to me; Im cool with failure. The idea of cheating on something so utterly-fucking-meaningless as a ftp game is so wonderfully exotic that I have to respect their perverse dedication.

Really, Im not mad, I’m just jealous

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