Reporting cheaters

How do we report cheaters or people who are suspected of cheating??? I know Kerebos has a CHANCE of devouring opponents but to devour each and every time he attacks. And Princes Fizzbang/whizbang seems to always have full attack power when she attacks along with the Boar Riders and Nonann Brothers. Cards I have never seen before except for the boar riders.

Then there is the fact when I go to shut down the One, it takes up to 5 min to power down after a long session in Gems of War. Ever since the problem with Glory points, there seems to have been multiple problems with cheating and hacking. What is going on??

Ok. I’ll bite…

You DO know you’re not actually fighting the other player, just an AI representation of that player? The only input the player has in your battle is that they chose the team to place as their defense for you to fight. That’s the end of the other player’s involvement in your battle. So the “player” you are fighting isn’t cheating at all. You’re just getting really bad luck (though there are those conspiracy theorists among us that will swear the AI cheats).


I’m not sure how you define “cheating,” but player-created defense teams have no ability to affect the game’s algorithms in the manner you suggest. A defense team is essentially a few troop IDs and accumulated player bonuses, and that’s it.

If you’re referring to the game that’s “cheating,” there are many threads on the forum where people have made this assertion. Perhaps +1 to one of those?


But currently the A.I does cheat when it ignores our extra turns if we match gems too fast… :sweat_smile::wink:


We have a fix going out in the next update for that issue @Razzagor. We promise it’s a bug and not our AI becoming sentient. :scream:


That’s exactly what an AI would say when its self aware.


Becoming sentient is not even a huge deal, the problem is when an AI becomes vindictive like some crazy ex-partners…

I hope the fix also resolves the problem of team ratings. You go in thinking they are a few hundred points below me and then 3-4 turns later, the match is over cause of all the 18+ cards the other is using and the “A.I.” cannot rate the team properly.

Who says they have to be ex partners to become vindictive?

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@Jainus is right, you never know!

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All i know is that nothing truly good can come from a ceremony with a “…until death do us part…” clausule said out loud to the authorities involved. :stuck_out_tongue: