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Look second player, cheater ?!? (Raid boss)

Screenshot removed by dev

maybe he spent a lot money to buy sigils :roll_eyes:

If he spent a lot of money boy that look like a big old waste of money.

Wow, level 49, second leaderboard, 3 mythic defense, 448 troops…

The money is one thing but…

Being level 50 means that player doesn’t have Mang and has a lot less hero stats than someone level 1000.

So how the heck can he wins those boss fights past level 200 with such ridiculously low stats… Even if we take intobaccount that he is in a top level guild and gets all statues bonus.

I can’t beat level 250 boss with having 150 stats HP+Armor on all troops. Yea he might be a better player skillwise than many of us and use a better team but that still doesn’t make any sense…

Regardless of how clearly you may think it is that a player is cheating, named call outs like this violate the forum’s community guidelines. You should change your picture to obscure the player’s name and report it to the devs in a private message. They take this stuff very seriously.


Hi everyone

As usual we can’t comment on specific actions taken against players. However, if a player has been found to be cheating or hacking we will ban or take action as necessary.

For this particular case the most I can say is that this will all be cleared up by 5 pm daily reset Monday and the players who have correctly earned rank 2 will be given the rank.

I have removed the image @Furax-31 . Please avoid comments like this in the future as this does count as a call out. This is sensitive and private material and should be PM’d or submitted in a ticket.

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Sorry for the picture.

I will contact support next time.


Thank you for your understanding @Furax-31.