Cheating happen much in GoW?


Is hacking possible and common in Gems of War? Played a lvl 1000 character and he has legendaries on his defense team (Gloom and Sheggra) that aren’t even level 20, no traits, and kind of weak. Made me wonder if he could hack his character level and get extra stats from that. Just wondering.


Even level 1000 guys sometimes don’t get specific troops til way late. Also: perhaps he was using the old dust devil’s to power level and didn’t have much gold. Lots of ways this could happen.


maybe he’s not leveled them yet, and just put something together that may or may not work but is there for fun


i saw level 500 with Level 1 Peasant def omg he must be a Hacker :confused:


I wasn’t trying to insinuate that he was but I just found it odd. I made the assumption that someone at level 1000 would have at least one trait done on Gloom and Sheggra, both useful legendaries. So that just made me wonder if cheating does happen or not.


If your mind goes to hacking first when there is tons of more obvious reasonable and probable explanations for something like this, you might have been part of some very terrible gaming communities in the past :wink:


Minesweeper. The minesweeper gaming community is heavily involved in shady “ways”. I am scarred.


perhaps he played League of Legends or GTA online ? :smiley:


Im fairly high leveled with Gloom and Sheggra and I don’t think I have a single trait on either, since I never use them.


I am experiencing the other way around. Level 150-200 players which have a full mythic-all traits defend team. I sometimes wonder how they get those ressources that fast.


Right now there is an incentive to not defend with your best teams and troops. So that player likely doesn’t use those troops much, but knows they will offer good gold returns for invasions. Those invasions, losses, earn the player the retaliations.

The developers work quickly to knock out cheating. From time to time something will crop up, and they will knock it out. In my opinion, the knocking out of true cheaters is done quietly and efficiently.

We’ve had a few threads, like the Treasure Hunt Thread, where people swore some of the people had to cheat to attain their scores, but it was looked into, and they seem legitimate to the developers.


There is at least one level 1000 player I encounter on a daily basis that I believe has left the game. I know that players are not supposed to be in the PvP rotation unless they are invading, so why do I think this? The player was one of the first to reach level 1000 after Mr. Sammy, his team has no traits and the armor/hit point levels indicate no kingdom bonuses. There are several lower level players I see multiple times per day with the same status. I have always thought it was just a minor error in the rotation.


Guilds, just guilds of the highest degree can be the difference between a level 1000 with no mythics and a level 200 with fully loaded troops.


i went over a month without ant pvp on mobile and id still get invaded a few times a week. I’ve got a friend of the ps4 that quit back in jan but still logs in to grab the daily money once in a while and maybe buy an event troop… and he still gets invaded… rarely though…


maybe he wanted to place a not so good team up to tempt you to invade so person can revenge you


this sounds most likely also gloom kinda sux, and sheggra’s traits apart from the first also suck, and when did he hit 1000? maybe he was more hardcore before traitstones than after?


Given the troops referenced, I believe the OP is talking about the player I mentioned upthread. If that is the case, the player was at level 1000 before 1.07 was released. As I said, the troops have no traits and no evidence of kingdom bonuses. He’s not cheating or hacking, HE HAS LEFT THE GAME.


Everybody has their own way to play!

For me,I’m 1000 level!
But I always put a level 1 card or a weak card to defence ~

Just for fun!!!



YES ! You are right!

I always like this!


So yes, people cheat. It’s not a good idea, don’t do it.