Chaos Orbs Excrement

That’s cute. Nope, because of the recent change to ZG, those that got 1, now want 2-4 since they can all cast multiple times.

I only know of 1 crazy person with more than 1 Zuul :crazy_face: @Tydda

I don’t see how having 2 would be beneficial?


PC/Mobile Silver Necropolis Fac. Ass. Winner already has ZG. He scored over 15 million Faction points.
Since I don’t even have 1…I can’t relate to the desire of having 2. 🤷

How many champions killed does the #1 on old class events usually get on PC? On xbox it’s usually less than 200 and doable by anybody who really wants it. I know the competition on PC is higher but I bet you are capable of winning a power orb if you put your mind to it. I’m sure you have the gems. :grin:

Gems yes. Time and desire… Oh Frank’s no.

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Vault Event/ Vault Keys spit out a lot of Orbs. Wish it was better at ascension orbs, but they do show up.

Prices have gone up since I got mine surprisingly, going by the Raid, Invasion, and Bounty leaderboards. Invasion prices have come done lately for a certain reason, but Raid is more or less way higher than my days (barring my 2 outlier events…)

Potions will make it worse.

Class events is still one of the most expensive ways to get a Power Orb due to 500 gem Tier 7s while Faction events are usually cheaper than they look since despite the million or 2 million score, each Tier 7 is only 200 gems. Cheap Faction event days may be over due to potions though.

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Since vault keys were released, I’ve had about 12 drop naturally. You can’t “farm” them. You play and pray. I also asked for “faster”. I’m already doing what I’m supposed to do to get Vault Keys by playing PvP as fast as I know how.

I don’t call “a 1% chance to encounter a troop that has a % chance to drop an item that has a % chance to drop an orb that has a % chance to be ascension” a very good deal, either.

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The problem is you’re playing PvP for Vault Keys. You cycle through way more matches running through explore/challenges.

Maybe I asked the wrong question. This thread is more about, “How do I get ascension orbs faster?” as the hidden payload of, “Can we have some new thing to do with the other orbs, since I only need ascension so I accumulate too many of the others?”

In the end I don’t believe (at my rate of play) the switch would matter. I’ve done estimates and I think I might get 2 extra Vault Keys/week playing Explore/Challenges. My observation is that might result in slightly less than 1 orb/month, and I know for sure that translates into “1 orb/year”. (I base it on an assumed 1% rate of gnome appearance and similar key appearance combined with “One time I played 200 matches on a Gnome weekend and saw 1 whole vault key.”)

It’s % based, so if you play at a higher rate and/or get lucky it’ll balance out slightly different. But in the grand scheme sacrificing so much gold, trophies, and champion XP doesn’t feel worth it for such a miniscule chance at ascension orbs.

But you are technically right, you answered the question I put on the table with something that does work.

I have definitely noticed that ascension orbs drop less in total, but there have been enough to go around, as I have zuul, all troops to mythic, spare ascension orbs, and have only gotten one ascensions orb in the last 10 weeks

As far as the others being worthless extra, at some point, every resource is extra, I’m there
If u speed up the process, more people will move on to the next complaint about excess resources

I don’t care what they do one way or another, just stating what I’ve experienced and what will most likely happen

Having two Zuul’s have might not given me extreme superpowers, filling both takes to long. Still find it useful though. My pvp def team is pretty decent. It never fails agains Rope Dart team in offence. In Silver Necropolis Essence of Evil, 2x Zuu, TPK was both fun and made a fast runthrough to level 500. And it sure is fun having two :smile:


Slypenslyde’s Law:

As a thread about orb distribution gains more posts, the odds it will be completely taken over by people with Zuul’goth who insist it’s easy because they did it approaches 1.

Zuul’Goth has been out for awhile and even the people that saved ascension orbs from the beginning are starting to earn it. Orbs did come out February 2018.

Still couldn’t hurt to have an orb distribution adjustment though.

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I’m a person with Zuul’goth who insists its a goddamn stupid system.


Yeah but for how powerful he is and he can be used multiple times it’s worth the price really

“No” is less than 10 characters.


Yep. I just crafted him yesterday with the final Major Ascension orb coming from the Invasion, and all Power orbs crafted, not won.

I mean, I am still going to craft him. But I will grumble constantly while doing so.

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