Chaos Orbs Excrement

Please give us End Gamers something to do with the huge pile of :poop: that your RNG delivers courtesy of Chaos Orbs.

Such as 10 Wisdom Orbs - can be converted to 1 Ascension Orbs perhaps?

Something to help those players who RNG seems to think aren’t worthy of getting Zuul’Goth because of “bad luck”.


How many power orbs do you have ryan?

I don’t know or care how many power orbs someone has—it makes no difference to anyone except that player…I also have tons and tons of growth orbs (both major and minor) that I will never ever use. It would make sense for us to be able to convert them to something useful. Kinda like the thousands and thousands of maps none of us will ever use…I’ll trade 5k maps for 1 gem at this point.


I can make 5. I have zero.

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Yeah and while they are at it… Give us also something to do with the pile of souls… :thinking:

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@WWDiver fo sho!

Please do not post off-topic or ad hominem replies.

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I can’t articulate it without writing a whole page but orbs and Zuul’goth make me mad.

Dawnbringer didn’t care how I went about getting the souls. I could buy 1.3m souls with dollars. Or I could farm them. I could spend 30 minutes per day or 6 hours per day. I saw a clear path to Dawnbringer, I could measure my progress, and I could tell how any choice I made got me closer to it.

Zuul’goth may as well be a 1/255 chance from VIP keys. I can work all week to help my guild reach the last tier of an event, and I’m only 10% likely (I think) to see an ascension orb. This means I can only track my progress via probability with huge error bars. It might take me a month or it might take me ten years. Nothing I can do makes it faster… unless I want to do a leaderboard run.

That’s problematic too. Less than 5 people per week get an orb of power from the leaderboard. They have to put in more effort, sometimes in one day, than I tend to even have available for gaming in a week. It’s a club I can never join, so I strongly resent it’s also the ONLY way to make predictable progress towards ZG.

Smart people can ignore ZG, but then smart people don’t have any carrots to chase. It’s a mess.


Ok, fair enough.

Why should the devs have to change the game to suit those who were too shortsighted to save their ascension orbs for when the inevitable zuul buff came down the line. Its nobody’s fault but your own that you wasted those orbs so suck it up and collect more.

How’s that @Lyya?

Zuul is so awesome and worth it, @Tydda has two!

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I’m just glad I was smart enough to save all my orbs for when they buffed him. Now I have one while others regret wasting orbs.

So you have never used a single ascension orb? I got my zuul by saving.

Prove it.
Link your collection to the website and post a link here when you’re done.

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Prove what?

Oh so you can accuse me of being a troll and that’s not a violation of the guidelines?

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@Lyya please remove the offending post.

Personally I find the current orb drop rate fair and satisfactory. But the nature of human behavior is that not everyone will be pleased, especially those who made the mistake of being wasteful.

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Just make them into power orbs and get zull [quote=“UKresistance, post:12, topic:54234, full:true”]
Zuul is so awesome and worth it, @Tydda has two!
only one is worth it not two bec it’s a one time cast even if you have two it still can only be used once not once per troop it’s just like great maw

I’m actually shocked I have one more orb of power than AWR.

For all I rag on him something’s really broken if I have more stuff than he does. If I get ZG first I’m not telling him. Dude has an ego but he also has a lot more of his heart tied into this game than I do.

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I’m happy for all those who actually craft ZG and don’t just say they did because it’s the internet.
In 90% of GoW, rewards are based on activity…I have all but Zuul’Goth because of activity…I have more resources than most… Because of the activity of my guild…
Chaos orbs (not power orbs) don’t care how active you are. An active player gets pretty much the same chances at an Ascension orb as a hyper active player does.
I’ve never actually tried to get #1 in the event so I realize that option is always available to players. I’m not here to complain about being unlucky.
I stopped even trying to go for the top 100 because it’s crushing to invest that much time into an event and get anything other than an Ascension orb at the end of it.

The OP is a simple request. I have a lot of useless orbs. Can I make some use of them in some way? 🤷

Congratulations on being luckier than me though @Slypenslyde. That’s what a game should decide success on. :wink: