Chaos Orbs Excrement

Not any more, you can cast both all you want. Great troop in delves.

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Hmmm… is the other one shot cast troops the same way or only Zull I thought there was a bug with that with Zull then they fixed it

I have 30% from ryan’s number of wisdom/growth orbs…(never used one, for what?) but i crafted today my 6th power orb. That is ridiculous for people or guilds like the ryangang, when a meanwhile semi “casual” like me have maybe ZG before him or those guilds, when they earn many many more orbs in general :roll_eyes:

I have the gems to buy me in the eventtop 100, top 10 or top 1, but i had neither the motivation or the time to grind a whole day or more for this.


Many people wasted ascension orbs on ascending gnomes and event troops. That is why “end game players” don’t have enough to craft zuul yet.

@Doc you’re certainly welcome to believe that people wasted their ascension orbs; that is not the case for me. You would have to get them to waste in the first place. Back to the point, will there be a way in the future for us to craft ascension orbs from orbs of growth or wisdom?


I think, based on the preponderance of the evidence, that this is clearly untrue.

Ok, you’re right, I’m wrong. :woman_shrugging:

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No like, believe me, there’s something inherently wrong in this state. For ONCE I’m not being snarky. I skip a ton of events I’m willing to bet you make a push for and it’s sad to me that hasn’t resulted in at least one more orb than I’ve pulled off.

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I got my Zuul last week (without making a big deal on the forums, I might add).

This is what I have left…

Other than Zuul I have used ONE (minor) Orb of Ascension on Glaycion. No other orbs used, ever. These numbers are idiotic.


The amount of bad luck here with ascension orbs is just not funny. I’m surprised that I only need 4 major ascensions left and Zuul can be crafted. I feel your pain @awryan and anyone else that is struggling to gain them, they certainly feel rarer than a mythic drop.


Lots of folks say chests are just luck. But I believe in hoarding keys and opening chests once a month. The result? I haven’t missed a Mythic since Euryali was released.
With Chaos Orbs, there’s zero strategy. I just pull on a slot machine.
Aren’t chaos orb just another way of saying Loot Boxes?


I’ve used one major blue orb. Only have 4 power orbs and still need two more major blues to craft #5

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I can’t even remember the last time a mythic was missed here. Having all mythics does help massively though as all resources can be stocked up until the new one is released :+1: I really don’t envy those who are trying to get mythics whilst still getting the new ones on release.


It’s not bad luck, the rate’s 10% IIRC. This is by design.

Let’s pretend you can’t win majors for this, they’ll complicate this. One power orb needs:

  • 3 Major Ascension (4 minors)
  • 3 Major Growth (20 minors)
  • 3 Major Wisdom (4 minors)

To get Zuul’goth, you need 8 of each Major. So like, let’s think about what that means even if growth and Wisdom have equal probability. To get 8 Major Ascension, you need 32 Minor Ascension. If they are 10% of all chaos orbs, you don’t expect to have that many until you’ve received at least 320 chaos orbs.

Subtract those 32 minor ascensions, and there are 288 to distribute evenly. If you have 144 minor wisdom and 144 minor growth, that’s 7 Major Growth and 36 Major Wisdom orbs.

Since you do get majors as prizes, that means it’s really likely you’ll have a lot of extra wisdom orbs and a handful of extra growth orbs if you are lucky. How many? Well, multiply whatever you think is the “expected” orb rate by 10.


I really don’t care for stats and figures, my point was merely to highlight that gaining a new mythic feels more likely to happen than a blue orb :+1:


Unfortunately it’s three times more depressing, you need 8 power orbs = 24 of each major :slightly_frowning_face:

I have Zuul, but if I hadn’t won the 8 power orbs in events I’d most likely still be waiting too… I’d be really happy if the hundreds of useless orbs I’ve accumulated could be turned into something else.


Ugggggh you’re right, I need to update those numbers.

On this I definitely agree. Getting Zuul’goth is like trying to obtain 8 specific mythics without Soulforge.


It’s 24 of each major needed.

And your calculations forget about clan orbs.

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Crafting power orbs is a waste of orbs imo. I know it’s a lot of hours and gems required to be #1 on leaderboard but it really is the best way to go. By now all the top guys with big stashes of gems probably already have Zuul so the leaderboard should be less expensive now than in the past. Especially now with potions I think a lot of top players will be spending big on delves every month so that’s in your favor too. Old class events are your best bet. Particularly the “bad” classes nobody uses.