@sirrian bug for orb of power

Used (1) orb of power for war priest (huge mistake/misunderstanding). Can ya help a brother out and possibly refund me an orb of power? .

Oh no…:flushed:
Why would you do that?


Could you please show your “Upgrade” tab screenshot?

Orb of Wisdom/Orb of Power unlocks the 3 traits of the hero class, not the talents you need to level up.

For the Warpriest, those 3 traits are

Trait #1: Revered
All allies gain 2 random Skill points.

Trait #2: Holy Armor
Reduce damage from Skulls by 40%.

Trait #3: Wrath of Anu
50% chance to Stun a random enemy at the start of my turn.

Orb of Power though… I’m sorry for your loss


Oh my…i did make a huge mistake then…!!! So not a bug just misunderstanding by me. Hmm

It… was a mistake even if it filled those in.

You need 8 Orbs of Power to craft Zuul’goth. It is incredibly difficult to get one: you either have to place high on a leaderboard or save up orbs for months to make even one.

It takes like an hour to farm the souls to reach level 20. It takes maybe 4 hours to get the traitstones.

So this orb of power traded a solid month of effort to save half a day.


However, the most champion XP you can get in a single battle is 2. Given that it takes 5050 XP to unlock all 7 talents, saving yourself 2525-5050 battles seems like a pretty good use of an Orb of Power. Not one I would do personally, even if that had been the correct effect. But I can at least see the intent.

I thought about this, but it’s still a hard value pass. I don’t have a firm basis on how many sigils it takes to win an orb of power on the average leaderboard, but my guess is people are spending 200-300. So let’s roll with a conservative 200, and you can correct me if I’m wrong.

We also know that since they scale, the matches get harder and longer for leaderboard players. So I’m going to assume one could complete about 1.75 PvP matches in the time it takes to finish one leaderboard-bound match.

Nobody’s placing on multiples. The people in the top 2 of the Faction event didn’t even place in the Bounty event. Or the Class event before that. The #2 placed in 100th of the last Faction event.

This pattern continues: in each event I see some similar names, but the top is full of churn because only the people who’ve saved a lot of free resources are really fighting for it. So from what I’ve seen, it feels like most people with a leaderboard orb have played far more than 2500 matches in the relevant event to get their orb of power, even though only the last few hundred counted.

I could be wrong, but it’s how I balance it in my head.

Unfortunately even an error such as this it is likely you will not be refunded the orb of power. :confused:

Support no longer refunds lost / missing / accidentally used loot anymore, unless it’s something like ‘weapon did not unlock’ when purchased. Sucks losing a power orb, they take forever to craft.

How the hek was this changed to official news?

Woops! Need more coffee. Meant to put it into bug reports.


I sent you a pm @Hanom.

Edit: I am helping this user in a PM, thread locked, going off topic.

Orb of Power should at least upgrade all 100 Champion Levels to be worth wasting on something like this.