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Celestial Traitstones -- ......grind

So I am now at a point where everything remaining in my troop pile needs celestial stones to be exact 175.

Right now I can get 2 maybe 3 out of soul forge a week… but that means NOTHING else

Other than the lovely Christmas gift of the jewels and the 4 celestial stones, I am not getting any in grinding or PVP in the last two weeks. And the last one I got was in the treasure map week.

I’ve tried different kingdoms.

More so - I have a ton of souls (over 350k, 10k of diamonds) - but it really takes forever?

My gold/glory/gem keys are pulling things I already have (legendary) so that messes with the drop rate…

I really wish there was a package for celestial stones.

Any suggestions other than the long grind and keep wasting keys( and disenchanting the overages) ?

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Do you also need Arcanes? If so, then explore is probably the best option.

I’ve been grinding explores to gather arcanes and I’m getting more celestial than I need, meaning I can even chew up a few in the soulforge to craft more arcanes.

For reference, you’re probably looking at about 6,000 explore battles to get that many Celestials, but that, wasting keys and picking up a few through PVP, the soulforge, Sunday dungeon packs, etc. Are really your only options.


I’m getting enough arcanes but not celestials… And everything now needs Celestial to finish

I reached the point you’re at 6 months ago. I needed 125 celestiais then, now I need 86.

I’ve completed dungeons every almost single day and crafted all the celestials that I can in the soulforge. (Though I have also crafted 3 mythics, 1 legendary, no weapons)

This means that, between the new troops that required celestials that have been added, and the ones I get from dungeons and random drops, I’ve closed the gap by 39 in 6 months. So I’m looking at about a year until I reach celestial freedom.


May I ask what explore team you use/how long you need for an explore battle? I usually get 1-2 Celestials an hour during explore when I go in with a fast explore team. As this has always been this way, I either have eternal RNG luck when it comes to them or I just… do too much explore? It’s all I ever do, I admit, since i hate PVP so much. But yeah, I’ve never had a problem with Celestials before, just the endless Arcane grind.

I don’t do explore. Just PvP. I get most of my arcanes from glory packs.

Yeah, uh, that would explain the problem then. Explore is the game mode specifically tailored to give people Celestials. Someone not using that game mode then obviously will get a shortage. So far, I have always had an excess of Celestials - I seem to get Celestials compared to Arcanes in something like a 1:5 in explore. Meaning that farming the Arcanes for a troop usually nets me even more Celestials than I need for that very troop, resulting in them piling up in my inventory slowly but surely.


So last night before I went to bed I did 10 Broken Spire Kingdom explore - One of the kingdoms listed for Celestials.

0 Celestials
6 minors
3 major
1 runic water

Right now I am using Krys/TDS/Krys (and someone who just doesn’t get devoured at the end)

Explore in any kingdom on Normal difficulty (choose based on which arcanes you need).
Use a speed explore team - I like the Sunbird / Rowanne / Fire Bomb / Fire Bomb (Trident banner) team suggested by Tacet.
Repeat as necessary.

You will have plenty of celestials this way. I have everything traited and 351 celestials in inventory. Arcanes are much harder than celestials IMHO.

I get more of those than Celestials.

5 battles in today and my first celestial. That is 15 battles before 1. That seems about what my RNG is right now…sometimes 20 battles to get 1.

In explore, your odds are about 1 in 16 for an Arcane and half of that for Celestials. So if you do 100 battles, you can usually expect around 6 arcanes and 3 Celestials. You need to resign yourself to the grind. I like to watch Netflix on my laptop while I grind on my ps4. You just need a fast autopilot team to explore with.

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That’s not a fast team.

3-5 moves - not a fast team?

I also have this team as well

Gorg, Forest Troll, Euryali, Yasmine

I don’t see how two krys and a dragon soul can team wipe quicker than the bombot team.


I often get a clear in 2 swipes with the bombot team. Cast elspeth, cast bombot. Game over.


I did some testing for my guild a few months ago and ran over 1800 explores in the span of two weeks, and my results were very similar. I averaged one Celestial per 5-6 Arcanes.

This is basically it.

Grinding Celestials is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The best advice I can give is to be careful what you spend them on and prioritize if you’re not already. I usually multitask grinding Explores with watching Netflix, it takes a lot of the sting out.

Good luck!

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That is a really, really important advice. I have so many people in my guild who spent all their Celestials in the Soulforge by crafting Arcanes to avoid grinding for them… with the result that they now need to grind more.

I think I’m probably pretty lucky in that I love explore so much that I rarely do anything else and drown in Celestials. I don’t even use a fast team - I use Asha/Dragotaur/TDS/Erinyes. But it’s a team where I don’t need to aim or select any enemies and I can just zone out and play for hours like a zombie without even really noticing what I’m doing. I just put on some nice music and think about whatever and boom, six hours are over and I drown in traitstones.

Because of my crafting of two mythics and some weapons in the soulforge, I currently have only 91 Celestials, but I don’t have anything to use them on at the moment, either. I mean, I need to trait like 80% of my troops, but am stuck on the second stage (needing all the Arcanes) for all of them, so with grinding for those, more Celestials will come.

That’s why I use double troglodyte. It team wipes pretty much everything in one bombot cast. With a nice board you can win in one move. I very rarely explore these days but when I do that’s what I use. I don’t even use the mechanist hero because double troglodyte enables bb to take out boosted troops and mythics.

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Though I do need a few more troops to spend those pesky 6100 souls!