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Not Getting Celestials

I know this is probably a RNG issue. But, prior to yesterday (19 November 2020), I was getting around 3 or 4 Celestials every day. So, I felt comfortable using some of them and dropping below my emergency (“craft Pharos-Ra when he shows up in the Soulforge”) lower-limit. Since then, Celestials have dried up for me. AFAIK, I did several hundred Explores yesterday (and a few this morning as well) and have seen none. Zero. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else see something similar? Hopefully, this will reverse itself for me fairly quickly.

The game’s desire sensor (definition) is working against you :smiley:

The traitstones will come back when you stop looking for them :slight_smile:

Can’t say I noticed any dropping recently, but I have over 500, so it’s not something I pay attention to anymore >_>

Another day and another total lack of Celestials. Over the last 2 days, I’ve brought the Corsair class from 0 to getting the class weapon (250 battles) with my fast team on Level 1 Explores. Interspersed with that were the gathering of 50 or 60 thousand souls with my soul team (call that about 300 battles – I still don’t have Pharos-Ra). Then there were dozens of full Mythic Boss runs at Level 12 for specific Arcanes (so call that 100 battles just for grins). I got a normal mixture of Minors, Majors, Runics (maybe more than normal) and Arcanes. But not one Celestial.

Is there ANYTHING I can try? AFAIK, the only thing that modifies traitstone drops is that upping the difficulty level increases the odds of getting Arcanes. But, nothing for any other variety:

Do you buy your Dungeon packs for 50 gems a day? I think there are two celestials up for grabs every Sunday. And other stones, too, if you buy daily (something I’d advise anyone missing mythics to do, as diamonds are one if the best things to spend gems on in my opinion).

Thanks for the help. Yes, I do buy that Dungeon Pack just for the diamonds. No Celestials recently there. I did manage to get 4 Celestials in the Bounty Reward 16 package. So, I’m out of the Celestial “danger zone.” But, I just wish there were some way to jiggle the RNG in the game so Explores would start dropping them again. We’ll see what happens with those today (I’ll be starting to level up another Class).

Finally got a Celestial drop. They DO still exist. :grin:

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Just an update: since I got that one Celestial 3 days ago (and probably about 1000 Explores ago), I have not gotten another one. I’ve gotten some in Reward chests and from a Loot Ninja, but in the last 6 days, I’ve only gotten the one in a straight up Explore.

Sounds like you have been unlucky. Totally normal in GoW.

Yep. And, late last night, I got 2 Celestials in a row.