Farming explore for 1h

I was doing explore for the past 1h and I got 7 celestial traitstone before I even got my first arcane traitstones…

I got twice back to back celestial traitstones

That was a really weird run loll


I have been hitting a lot of celestial stone myself. I racked up 3 in a row one time and nearly fell out of my chair.

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Same here, sitting on about 70 celestial stones and don’t even know what to do with them.

Guess they give us a couple extra so we can use them in soulforge to craft the ones we really need?


With delves now giving us more runics, I briefly considered using celestials and runics to craft arcanes. But changed my mind fast.

Even if you only trait mythics with wisdom orbs, every epic requires a celestial and every legendary requires two. So if you play long enough, you will probably regret using celestials in the forge.

You can register on Sign In - Gems of War Database and click on checklist. You can see how many celestials you have now, and how many you would need to trait everything. Subtract out the unfinished mythics, and you’ll probably see that you are far below what will be needed.

If any late or end gamers have a different opinion, please share.

If you play only explore you will have celestials aplenty, if you play only pvp you will need every celestial you find.

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