Celestial Traitstones, Celestial Traitstones,Where art thou?

There is a problem of Supply and Demand here. There’s no arguments, nerd fighting, no debating it with statistics, we just Don’t get enough.

For whatever the reasons, I’m not interested in. I’m into sharing this:

In nearly one whole Gems Game Week, I have been farming those Celestial Traitstones. I need 10 in order to craft a Mythic itself barely shows up. I can’t. "Why?"All the Celestial Traitstones I save go towards things like

  • Raising Kingdom Power (By leveling Troops,etc. Uses them.)
  • Leveling Job classes ( Particularly ones in relation to weekly events.)

Unless you’re a veteran player with enough resources to fund a 3rd world :elf:t2:Elf Nation, enough copies of all troops to give your Guildmates each a Mythic…:laughing::sweat_drops:…“What?”

Okay, Okay, but unless your one of those privileged, you really NEED these and the need is waaaay greater than supply.

And SUUURE, I understand sometimes it’s part of the GAME. The GRIND in farming to achieve the hard earned things we so love.

(I’m sure they’ll be a few to deny that & I’m not debating. I’m just saying.

That said, I get there’s things to grind for (or in PTP games, for a price, maybe not.)

I’m someone who *rarely * complains in her feedback. But the more I love the game & thoughts of “Is this going to be a game I can continue?”, then it might be time to consider something.

Not asking for a downpoor, or even a major overhaul.

If I’m having to ask if I can continue to play because this one issue takes SO much time, it wouldn’t be possible…Unless I not work, neglect my life, etc.

Unless others know something I don’t. I’d hate to leave after all these years, but what will be the point if… Like this week. Waited MONTHS for a troop I can’t craft because I can’t get 1 type of resource to spawn…that’s :anger:

These have become a material that I don’t have to worry about any longer. Hours and hours of grinding exp12, I have 450 or so.

I wish I could send you some. I know at one point I had to grind out each one to have enough.


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How are you farming them? You best chances for celestials is in Explore mode, the chances to get one there are 3x greater than getting it from other battles.

Also worth mentioning, they can be crafted in the soul forge for 100x of each of the 6 colour jewels.

I too remember the slog of grinding for traitstones. If you keep at it long enough, you’ll catch up eventually. Good luck!

I love your posts — very fun to read :heart:

Good luck with the traitstones! They were never a problem for me, so I’m guessing maybe more Explore mode is needed as others have suggested?

Or it might just be that I was more content to slow-go the upgrades, I dunno :man_shrugging:

The only other thing I can think of is: are you in a guild that gets you resources? I think opening a lot of chests, meaning getting a lot of keys from others, is really the way to get over a lot of resource-humps.

I also hit this wall at one point, but got past it by crafting and using orange orbs. It’s worth noting that you can get several passively per week through some guild events - not sure if world events have them, though - and in the Sunday dungeon deals.

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Saving Orb of Wisdom for mythics :thinking:

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This. I think I never used a single Celestial (well, maybe 2 or 3 when they were aplenty) to unlock traits on Mythics or the last trait on Legendaries, and my hoard of orbs of wisdom never got anywhere near to exhaustion. Most of my Celestials have been burned in the forge to craft weapons and mythics. As long as you’re not trying to fully trait every single Epic and Legendary in your collection at once, using orbs of wisdom you should be able to keep a healthy quantity of Celestials in your stash.

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