Celestial Traitstones

Hello everyone!
I think I’m not the first one raising this question, but: whats wrong with celestial traitstones? I’m around 650lvl, got some quick farming teams for explore 1-2 (5-10 sec/battle) and explore 12 (20-30 sec/battle).
Yesterday I was trying to farm some traitstones for the half of the day, and got only 1-2 celestials. Is it normal? I can get Arcanes (16 or so) to fully trait any legendary in no more than half an hour, but what the hell is with celestials?
Am I doing something wrong and there is a better way to get them than explore? I know there is a recipe in the soulforge, but it takes 100 gems of each color, so this is not an option either.
Any advice is welcome

Hmm, 1-2 in a day seems about normal to me. You can get them from PvP too, ive found that on vault weekends i tend to get a lot from all the battles/gnomes. I highly dont recommend crafting them, its a waste. Id say just keep farming the way you are and hope to get lucky

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The chance to get a Celestial Traitstone from a battle is 0.5%, meaning you’ll get one every 200 battles on average. Difficulty level doesn’t matter.

Don’t craft, even if you have the jewels, you’ll need them for other things (like weapons).


I remember missing those too before vault event with GAP.