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Case Study - Serious casual player


As promised, I’ll be keeping track of what I do for a week including income, so it’s not just end-game players getting the spotlight :wink:

I will be doing a few things differently than @TaliaParks did it. For one, I’m going to keep spending during the week (keys, gold), as I will simply be tracking my income. Also, as I don’t know how to make a movie, we’ll be limited to typing.

As a starter, I’m currently about lvl 330, missing a handful of troops but having for example ascended almost all rares and ultra-rares to mythic already. I’m in the guild Aes Sedai, which is somewhere around spot 35 on Pc/mobile. The guild doesn’t have any requirements to donate. I did get the full 1500 seals last week.

Edit: Important details are that I am using a celestial armor, and my PvP team has a Valkyrie in it, meaning I typically hit my souls cap of 94 in a match. Also, the guild has statues of lvl 70 or a tad bit higher. I am also VIP 1.

8 Kingdoms at 3 gold stars, 16 at 1 gold stars, 1 at 1 silver star (Dragon’s Claw). Home kingdom on Pridelands (1 gold star)

I will be counting what I did per daily reset.

Activity on day 1

10 PvP matches, several defenses and 5 tiers gaining:
6 gold keys, 1 gem.
61 glory, 984 souls.
1230+100+2339+2222+153+1754+1200+1382+182+2849+1286+175+1352+2172+352+52 = 18800 gold
Traitstones: 3x minor green, 2x minor blue, minor yellow, major brown, major green, runic blue, runic yellow

3 tributes:
8 gems, 16 gold keys, 84 glory, 250 souls, 5437 gold

Daily login: 2900 gold and 7 glory

From the guild (we focus purple then spread evenly)
115 gems, 240 gold keys, 3 gem keys, 9 maps, 18 glory keys, 360 glory, 4900 souls

Activity on day 2

Day 2 lasted a bit longer as I always sleep in on wednesdays. This should only reflect in the tribute amount though.

10 Pvp matches:
10 glory keys, 10 gold keys, 2 gems
141 glory, 1048 souls
53+2505+1314+40+1316+225+805+28+2355+250+1859+2217+367+1511+2319+300+2040+64 = 19568 gold
Traitstones: 2x minor brown, 2x minor yellow, 2x major brown, major green, minor red, major red, runic red

Daily login: 2900 gold, 11 glory

3 tributes:
10 gems, 20 gold keys, 167 glory, 452 souls, 5552 gold

From the guild:
55 gems, 110 gold keys, 1000 souls, 22 glory keys, 5 event keys, 9 gem keys

Activity on day 3

I reached 2000 PvP points today (tier 1 + a 100 points margin) so I won’t be doing any more PvP. The rest of the income will be updated tomorrow.

15 Pvp matches:
36 glory keys, 5 gold keys, 3 maps
305 glory, 1839 souls
1958+1244+325+1250+2361+1389+350+2198+40+2240+400+1950+1652+36+500+1230+2001+147+1350+1000+1211+1242+1587+484 = 28145 gold
3x minor green, 2x minor purple, 2x major green, 2x major yellow, minor brown, major brown, minor blue, major purple, minor red, minor yellow

At the point of completing PvP I have contributed 141011 gold to the guild this week.

19x Explore (Broken Spire):
3 gold keys, 1 map, 1559 souls, 6585 gold
4x minor brown, 3x runic brown, 3x minor blue, 5x major blue, 3x runic blue, 1x arcane shield

My explore team contains Valkyrie and Hero with Necromancer’s third trait. I typically only get to cast Valkyrie once each fight, hence the soul numbers.
I explore on Normal difficulty as I do it completely for the traitstones.

Daily login: 2900 gold, 16 glory

5 tributes:
9 gems, 18 gold keys, 54 glory, 532 souls, 5537 gold

From the guild:
40 gems, 320 gold keys, 16 glory keys, 3 event keys, 6 gem keys

Activity on day 4

As predicted, didn’t get to do any battles due to being out for Bridge the entire evening.

Daily login: 2900 gold, 16 glory

1 tribute: 4781 gold, 144 souls, 58 glory, 10 keys, 5 gems

PvP (defense): 4 souls, 5 glory, 168 gold, 1 gem, 1 gold key

From the guild: 50 gems, 4 event keys, 7 gem keys

Activity on day 5

Daily login: 2900 gold, 16 glory

3 tributes: 6706 gold, 318 souls, 91 glory, 14 keys, 7 gems

From the guild: 8 gem keys, 44 glory keys

23 explores (Broken Spire):
7832 gold, 1850 souls, 6 gold keys
6x minor brown, 4x major brown, 3x runic brown, 5x minor blue, 3x major blue, 1x runic blue, 1x arcane shield (blue/brown)

Activity on day 6

Daily login bonus: 2900 gold, 16 glory

3 tributes: 339 souls, 102 glory, 5306 gold, 12 keys, 6 gems

From the guild: 60 gems

PvP defense: 40 gold, 1 glory

26 explores (Drifting Sands):
9070 gold, 2324 souls, 8 gold keys
7x minor brown, 3x major brown, 2x runic brown, 6x minor yellow, 3x major yellow, 3x runic yellow, 2x arcane mountain (brown/yellow)

Activity on day 7

Daily login: 2900 gold, 16 glory

5 tributes: 536 souls, 149 glory, 7018 gold, 24 gold keys, 12 gems

45 explores (Drifting Sands):
15809 gold
3053 souls
8x minor brown, 7x major brown, 5x runic brown, 17x minor yellow, 0x major yellow, 5x runic yellow, 3x arcane mountain (brown/yellow)

End of the week notes

At the end of the week I had donated 201011 gold to the guild and would’ve had another 30000 gold available to donate, but we didn’t have any task far enough to be worthwhile to donate.
Our tasks ended up at:
Red 9/12
Blue 8/12
Green 7/12
Yellow 7/12
Purple done
Brown 8/12

I only managed to get to 1326 seals in the week, slightly disappointed with that.

I think I might’ve done about 10%-20% less matches, especially explores, due to both the time taking notes and the necessity of taking notes. For example I have the bad habit of doing a few games while cooking but I didn’t this week.

I also switched explore team on sunday, to a probably faster team though I didn’t feel like it was significantly faster. It did come with a smaller souls payout as there was no longer a necromancer’s third trait to help increase payout when Valkyrie only got to cast once.


See posts 19 and 20

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d want to know


Thanks for doing this! I’m in a similar starting position on PS4 (“serious casual”, low 400’s, good guild, all but a couple cards and quite a few mythic ascensions) and have been curious about how the economy would work for someone like me once we get the PVP and guild updates, so this should be quite informative.

Shameless bump for day 2 update :wink:
I also plan to note here what amount of gold I will have contributed to guild at the end of the week, which is where basically all my gold goes.

As primary a console player (that dabbles on the PC) I am surprised at only collecting 3 tributes each day. Do you have your account linked to the mobile version? Just curious, this is not a criticism.

I actually only play mobile, on an iPad without 4G. This means that I typically get one tribute during the morning routine and two more in the evening. This can become more, but isn’t helped by me getting home only near 8 PM both monday and tuesday (bedtime is between 10 and 11 pm).
It’s a major reason why I call myself casual.
Wednesdays I am free so I might get to more.
Thursday evenings I play Bridge so it will be less.

Wow, that is crazy how much you get from your guild. At the risk of sounding bitter, I’m around level 470, VIP 6, Deathknight armor, and play more than you do, but I get far fewer guild rewards because we’re ranked much lower. I’m a guild master and very happy where I am, but really, wow, just wow!

Nice work. Loving the dedication to track all your stats.

You should see what the TOP few guilds get. Especially before 2.1.


And the payout tapers off significantly towards the end of the week. Last week we got around lvl 8 of each task completed, and purple and red completely.

I’m having a little trouble following your results on days 2 and 3, due to you listing all your additions but not providing a total. There are some long strings of numbers, but I can’t make sense of them. On Day 2, under your 10 PVP matches, you seem to have 14 additions to souls (5 individual plus 9*94), but 18 additions to gold. Listing all of the individual traitstones probably isn’t necessary (a total by category would be more than adequate).

Also, will you be opening all of your chests at once at the end? or how are you planning to handle that?

I think a cleaner presentation would be easier to follow.

I will be adding in sums whenever I move behind a PC.

I will not be tracking output of keys as those numbers are known. I did state at the beginning that I would keep spending as normal (donating to the guild and cracking open keys are part of that). The only spenditure I am postponing is gaining kingdom levels or stars as that affects my tribute income.

Souls and gold are also earned from defensive matches, but not always both

A peek into how I keep track


That’s awesome. Thanks for doing this @Kharybdys! As I mentioned in a similar thread, we see lots of ‘big data’, aggregates of what various player types do ‘on average’, but it’s really useful for us to see individual player activity too (apart from our own, because although we maintain live accounts, some days we test so much that we don’t play on live at all)


I’m torn here. Like that you took the effort to record everything but it kinda drives me nuts that you are using some kinda spreadsheet. The chaos is doing my head in

Step 1 is always recording the data, presentation can be changed afterwards. I’m thinking of adding up everything over those 7 days to give grand totals at the end as well.

One reason I kept the separate gold results of the PvP matches is because of discussions about the variation in gold offerings per match.
And the reason I’m keeping such specific track of traitstones is because of another discussion about how they drop.

If you can give me an idea on how you’d like to see the data represented, I can always see what I can create for you next week once data gathering is complete.

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Have you tallied everything up? I’d love to see a breakdown of total rewards by area of play and a sum of all rewards.

Really cool of you to do this. I too am interested in seeing the tally. Perhaps even a daily average to put it into perspective.

I have to still add the final day (will start on this now), but I will probably save the tallies to wednesday (my standard day off).
Let me know what tallies you would like to see.

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Totals per category:

Daily Login: 20300 gold, 98 glory

Tributes: 40337 gold, 2571 souls, 705 glory, 114 gold keys, 57 gems

320 gems, 5900 souls, 9 maps, 360 glory, 670 gold keys, 100 glory keys, 33 gem keys, 12 event keys

PvP (35 matches in 3 days, I didn’t keep track of # defense, did keep track of payouts):
66721 gold, 3875 souls, 513 glory, 46 glory keys, 22 gold keys, 4 gems, 3 maps
20 minors, 12 majors, 3 runics

Explores (113 in 4 days):
39296 gold, 8786 souls, 17 gold keys, 1 map
56 minors, 25 majors, 25 runic, 7 arcanes


Gold: 166654
Glory: 1676
Souls: 21132
Gems: 381
Gold keys: 823
Maps: 13
Glory keys: 146
Gem keys: 33
Event keys: 12
Traitstones: 76 minors, 37 majors, 28 runics, 7 arcanes