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A Case Study on End-Game Players - COMPLETED

A lot of discussion lately about the disparity between new players and the established elite, especially when you factor in Guild strength. I am offering myself as an open case study and going to monitor all resource collection. I am a member of the #1 on both Consoles, so this will be an example at the extreme end of the spectrum.

I will be following a specific set of guidelines;

  1. I will provide a Daily Report for an entire week. This will include a small video clip of my Collection. A full example will be at the end of this post.

  2. I will not spend anything. No Gold, Glory, Gems, Traiting. I will complete Maps at my own leisure because that is normal activity a player would do. I spent all of my resources except Event Keys (because I’m not insane).

  3. I will be recording how many battles I do (and broken down by type), Maps I do and any other pertinent activity.

  4. I am keeping track of my Guild Rewards as well.

  5. At the end of the 7 days, I will spend all of my accumulated resources and have a “before and after” comparison to the Troop and Kingdom summaries.

#Case Study Begins (8/17 12:50 a.m. cst)

LEVEL: 633
GOLD: 276
SOULS: 124215


Invasions: 4855
Defends: 1107

MAPS: 71

Gold: 0
Glory: 0
Gem: 0
Event: 27


Troop Summary:
165 Mythic
8 Legendary
1 Epic
1 Ultra Rare
411/525 Traits

Kingdom Summary:
7 @ 5 Stars
7 @ 4 Stars
8 @ 3 Stars

This Case Study was made in the sole interest of transparency and in no way is meant to “brag”, “show-off” or promote my Guild. This is a potentially self-damaging action on my part and would be a huge violation of privacy if it were done without my consent.

The goal of this Case Study is to provide insight, solid numbers and information to the Development Team and the Community so that we can all make decisions and form opinions based on facts and not speculation and rumours.

Negative comments are not necessary and any personal attacks, as a reminder, are a violation of the ToS.


I think i like this side of you.


While I am a Mobile player, this is a very intriguing concept that I, for one, will definitely be paying attention to. Good luck!


I applaud you efforts. I am absolutely convinced the Development team has had this type of information for a long time, and a great deal more data. So they don’t need a sample of one.

This information will be useful to the community and players who are not in an active guild to fully understand the MASSIVE disparity between active guild players and non/dead guild players.

I recall the postings months ago about v1 tasks being unbalanced, yet Guilds were then and still are off the hook in comparison to Tasks.

I look forward to what the Devs have planed with the upcoming Guild update.

Out of curiosity I’m also looking forward to seeing the resource collection data as well.


So is this data from PS4 or Xbox One?

It’s ps4 I believe

I play on PS4 but we have more Trophies than XB1’s #1 Guild

Oh, I understand now. I interpreted your statement as you playing on both Xbox One and PS4, and that you were in the #1 guild for each of them (that would be quite a lot of playing), not that you are in the #1 guild on PS4 that happens to have more trophies than the #1 guild on Xbox.


I would imagine they have most of this information, but not everything.

@Sirrian Thoughts? Is this helpful?

Erm…just saying - but you are 367 levels away from the ‘end game’

Not really. Multiple 5 Star Kingdoms, almost all Mythic, no real need for Souls or Gems and over 3/4 of all Traits. I’m better positioned than the majority of the Console’s L1000s.

I’m at the end-game, I just got there 400 levels early because I planned everything out and divvied up my resources efficiently.


You should see him from behind :blush:


Yeah I can tell you that whatever number you come up with is nothing compared to PC.No one on console is getting 3,000+ gems and 3,000+ keys weekly from donations. Since the PC version was out longer this is to be expected though. Having played both versions I can also say that I believe the economy is better on PC. (IMO) Just seems like there are a lot more options for making gold and better gold at that.

Edit: I’m not saying us console players don’t put in work, cause we do. It’s just night/day to me right now. Also not taking ANYTHING away from your PS4 guild because your guild deserves all the credit. You are far and above the number 1 guild on Xbox. I also say what I said above because the conversation has mostly been around PC guilds, BUT I will be happy to see what the results are of your study. :slight_smile:

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I am aware this applies to Console only, however some of my numbers will only increase (by varying amounts) with the PvP update. My Gold should almost double and my Glory will also increase by a lot.

I will be adding this to the OP as well;

I am keeping track of my Guild Rewards as well.

At the end of the 7 days, I will spend all of my accumulated resources and have a “before and after” comparison to the Troop and Kingdom summaries.

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If i find out that talia is someone i know in real life, then i am going to be really messed up.

Unless you live in Winnipeg, nope

I am very much intrigued by this idea. I’ll be watching to see how thing turn out for you.

It’ll probably get ugly, but I chose to do this as a sort of penance for my past attitude and behavior. And as always, I tried to make it a learning experience.

Indeed it is!
We have TONS of stats… a boatload of them covering all sorts of stuff that players in ALL level ranges do. Want to know how many times per week a player in the level 100-200 range plays Treasure Hunt? We know that. The average or max number of Glory Keys spent per week by players of level 500+? We’ve got that too. etc…

However, we do NOT have a study of an individual player

Although we play the game ourselves (a lot… probably way more than is healthy), I’d be curious to see the data from an individual end-game player, and see if meshes with what our statistical model tells us an end-game player does. In UX terminology, it would probably be called examining a persona.

So yeah, @TaliaParks - have at it! We’d be very curious to see the results.


Can confirm that. Definitely something automatic stat-tracking doesn’t typically do.