With the Weekly events it has changed my long term game strategy

I’m in mid game - Hero at mythic level, all my kingdoms at level 10, working on getting all my kingdoms 5 stars ---- and that is where my game strategy has changed.

Before the weekly events I was pretty much holding to one or two main teams for PVP, one or two main teams for Farming souls and my power house team for quick farming of traitstones.

My weekly focus after guild contribution was gold spending on chests to get any card possible to mythic.

The weekly team events have changed this, especially the last 5 weeks.

I have gotten more accomplished by just focusing on that kingdom’s troops for that week - team building, troop leveling and trait leveling that I had the 6 months before. In fact now I’m almost guarantee to get to the 5th star for that kingdom each week if not 6 or as the dwarves and dragons 7th stars.

And since weekly events is new aspect of the game - its not something the old guard would have a lot of strategies on because they by the time events started were already with kingdoms at 5 stars.

I’m not good at youtube recording but I would be willing to talk to any of the core streamers the strategies I have worked out and now pretty much feel would work for anyone at starting to mid level game if they wanted to do the youtube for it.

I know if I was re-starting the game now, I would be doing very differently how to get to kingdoms 10 and 5 stars based around the weekly events.


that is the part i never got to.
i dont believe in buyig gold chests :stuck_out_tongue: if i was in a guild that maxed all colors and does a couple of legendary tasks, maybe i would spare some gold after that for the chests, but it sadly is not the case

if you were restarting the game, would you still be in a guild that does so well in gold donations? are you now?

that intrigues me how much is exactly the border where you decide that buying gold chests is better for you then the guild tasks, please explain :slight_smile:

Starting about guilds

My first guild after being solo for a month was very active until week three of being part of the guild. It was not a competitive guild. It was a relax help each other type. Then the gm/second disappeared and the guild literally dried up within two weeks. This was also before the 2.0 Guilds I stayed for about another 4 weeks At that time I was just doing my guild requirement and quests to finish the kingdoms and following the ‘patter’ of getting my kingdoms to level 5 and then starting to get someone to level 10.

Next guild, contributing 1/2 my gold to the guild and half my gold/glory to chests because they didn’t believe in doing any statue to finish the 12 tasks let alone tasks and more on pvp standings. They were they tended to focus gems, souls and glory for the statues and continued the idea that they had to keep all statues leveling up (Which I have proven now three times is not a smart idea especially for those who don’t want maps). That lasted 5 weeks and I got kicked because I disagreed and was supposedly too new to have any idea of strategy. They also had a high trophy requirement that I had a hard time completing because of advice for what to have for defense team.

This last guild took me a few months to convince them to do one statue at a time and now we’re between 4 and 5 complete each week. This is our 4th week proving that we can successfully do 4. There are some issues - specifically again on which ones they focus on first. I almost started out back to the same style, contributing half my gold to the guild and working on farming/chests because again in my mind I wasn’t getting enough keys to get troops, but this Weekly events I started seeing a pattern right out the gate with Frag the Hag week. I wasn’t sure until last week and clearly am now convinced there is a new more powerful strategy for new players that I am half tempted to start another character just to document it.

Weekly events with Glory chest troop, and if a guild gets their green statue completed first, red statue second, has a very very VERY powerful combo to getting kingdoms from 1 or 2 stars to 5-6-7 quickly because of the very nature of Gem chests with Gem keys.

btw, there is an assumption that all guilds are getting all statues done. I believe only like 20% if that are completing all 6…I know I’m in 115 on the leader boards for our guild and we’re still not there yet. I’m not sure we will because we’re a semi-casual and I personally play the game as a leisure activity not a constant stream.

Is the biggest benefit to you, getting the cards within the kingdom to mythic? I just don’t see the need in some kingdoms. I have been in 2 guild, with the second being much better than the first. In about 5 weeks of that guild, I have gotten a plethora of keys which has risen every troop (aside from 5 or so) to epic or legendary.

In the kingdoms where I have 11 troops, that’s 198 levels (if all at epic) that count toward kingdom power which is nearly at the point where levels become devalued. You will need traits beyond this point anyways.

As a side note, I have everything at 1 star and looking to move to 3/5 stars on some. I have only been looking into kingdoms where I have a large amount of troops. Is the event key strategy better for kingdoms with less troops?

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Yes - For example Blackhawk was really limited with troop count - but now just 24 hours after the start of the event I went from 3 stars to 6 stars (that’s double skill bonus) because of 31 Event Keys spent. I save up each week from our Guild the event keys and will spend specific amount for each week on a Kingdom - and I have successfully pulled every single 2 or 3 to 6 or 7. That’s a lot more gold per hour on tributes, and skills for my troops. And that means more gold which means adding to more statues which means more stuff for me to use. Mind you it’s taken two event rounds for this one (Kingdom release and this week’s event round) to get all the cards and get enough bump folks up.

PLUS - the glory chests alone I am finding if I plan correctly I can Mythic and 20th Level and 3 trait the sucker 75% of the time. Talk about other points

PS - I have all but two at Mythic - and all but 3 fully traited now.

So this is now 6 weeks in a row some Kingdom powerhouses its way upward thanks to the Event Chests, the Weekly Glory Chest and my saving souls starting about Friday for next week’s event.

This week we’re saving souls now since the last two won’t take much to finish them for 20th Level once they hit Mytic, and I just made off with a bunch of arcane stones I need for other troops.

I’ve decided I don’t care about defense wins anymore, so I set my defense team to whatever the target kill critter is.

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OK, I’ll bite, because I don’t understand what the strategy is here.

@Taisiakat I’m fascinated by your comments but they’re frustratingly short on detail. Like you, I’m mid-game (mythic hero, most troops level 19 or 20, most Kingdoms four or five stars) but I don’t understand how working the weekly events can help. Participating in the events - while it does give you additional resources - doesn’t give you anything much that’s specific to that week’s Kingdom.

And you only get so many event keys per week.

So how does focussing on the event Kingdom each week - instead, of, say, focussing on a Kingdom until you get those bonus stars - make the process faster?