Level 192 Player seeking Guild to "Play Smarter, not Harder!"

ETA: I have now found a guild; thank you to everyone who has offered me a spot.

I reach PVP Rank 1 every week, log in daily, and can provide 20k+ gold / week. All my kingdoms are max level, and I’m currently working on getting them all to max power (which will give me even more gold from tributes to pitch in)! I have both Dragon and Celestial Armor, but I primarily use Dragon for the extra gold.

That said, I didn’t accomplish this by playing incessantly; I accomplished this by effective use of my available playtime and resources.

What I’m looking for in a guild:

  • Champion rank (for the best gold bonuses)
  • High masteries and task completion rates a bonus (more upgrades for me means more gold for you!)
  • Contribution and activity expectations in line with my style of play. If your guild is great I’ll consider some extra activity over what’s been stated above, but several hundred trophies a week isn’t happening.

My invite code is BSEN.

After all, world domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimization. :slight_smile:

United Questers : 40th top guild might suit your needs.
We are currently full, but we sort out our members every week if they don’t meet requirements.

The only requirement is paying 15K / Week wich is in line with what you are doing.
This 15K / week is for players that still don’t have all their kingdoms at lvl 10. Most players pay more of their own free will, as they have more resources (as a matter of fact, @JasonAshcroft, the current guild master and I, top players of the guild, usually pay around 200K / week).

Speaking of optimization, we are optimizing the donations, trying to focus tasks that rewards Gems, Keys and guild tokens only (but some players don’t pay attention and eventually complete the soul / treasure map quests here and then…)

We obviously do have Champion rank.
+45 mastery of each
And get rid of people that don’t pay (unless they have a clean history with us, then they are ponctually allowed to miss a deadline or two. And we do allow people being unable to play for a given time if they give a good reason)

Shouldn’t you say you accomplished it by being in a guild where guild task rewards are constantly flowing?
Not eveyone can / is interested in earning hundreds of trophies each week, but the benefits are not the same.

Earning the requirements to get into a good guild is a form of using my resources effectively, and I very much did earn the requirements. That those requirements changed later in a way that no longer fit my play style does not diminish the accomplishment of earning the earlier ones, nor does it diminish the guild’s goals of advancement. Also, I did contribute to the guild; over 500k gold, as a matter of fact, and that while I was upgrading kingdoms.

Choosing how to use the resources gained from guild tasks is also a form of using my resources effectively. Treasure maps reward skill at the minigame; which kingdoms are upgraded first matters to future resource gain (both in tributes and in battle bonuses), and that upgrading involves a mix of gold, souls, and traitstones; plus Gems can be used to get several different resources which in turn are used for different sorts of upgrading.

That said, I have openly stated that high task completion rates are only a bonus because I am willing to accept a lower task reward rate in order to maintain my style of play.

I have a spot in Tigerclaw, ranked 5. Let me know if you want the invite. Requirements are 30 trophies and 30k gold a week.

I sent you an invite. I lead Blockbusters. Top 90 Guild with a 5k Gold/ Week minimum requirement. For more info: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/blockbusters-recuiting-1-spot-available-top-90/1892

If it doesnt work out for you, crit happens has an active plauer base and no requirements.

I have now found a guild: thank you to everyone who offered me a spot.

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