Level 517 casual-ish LFG (PC/mobile)

Hi. The guild I’ve been a part of for the past year or so is disbanding, which means I need a new home.

I’m a casual-ish player, i.e., I make it to PVP rank one by the end of the week & not much more, but I’m level ~500 with mostly 5-star kingdoms so I generate a reasonable amount of gold even when I don’t have much time to play. Over the time I was with my guild I donated over 11 million gold.

I’m pretty quiet & mostly want a guild that’s not suuuper competitive but members contribute a reasonable amount.

Let me know if you’re interested!

I may have just what u r looking for… Casual-ish guild slightly competitive but no reqs
Gems of the Ostfront rank 399

I’d really prefer SOME reqs. I can donate ~100,000/week or so minimum.

We find that reqs are unnecessary beacaus we all do it without them…we only ask our members to be active

what do you manage in tasks/seal chests every week?

We get all our tasks to level 8 or higher and 20k seals

Would be interested in joining a brand new guild? If so then check here: