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Looking for higher tier casual guild

Hi, I’m looking for a guild that will take me, one that doesn’t have strict requirements on tasks but usually manages to complete most or all of them. The reason I look for that is because I can’t contribute gold right now because I’m still leveling my kingdoms, I’m over halfway done but the problem is that I always use the guild search and join a random one and then get kicked rather quickly because they have a 500k gold a week minimum and it’s unrealistic for me to be putting all my money into the guild tasks when for one I don’t have that much to begin with and secondly, once I’ve finished leveling my kingdoms then I have even more money to contribute and it has nowhere else to go. It’s counterproductive to expect gold from someone who hasn’t even finished leveling the very thing that gives them all their gold. So I would appreciate if a guild would take me in and be patient in that regard cause once I get all my kingdoms to 10 I can start putting all of it into tasks. The other reason I look for a guild that does most or all of it’s tasks despite the fact that I can’t even contribute yet is because the task rewards really help me out in speeding up the process of leveling kingdoms which is the whole point and also my focus right now. On the other hand, I almost always do 1500 seals a week and I’m certainly willing to participate in guild events if needed. I’m on mobile, if you’d be willing to accept me into your guild, my invite code is NORRIK_9GTZ. Thanks.


My guild TUF has 5 sister guilds and we do offer a guild with a no gold option til all kingdoms leveled. We r full at the moment, but if you wouldn’t mind to be on waiting list we’d be happy to chat with u. U seem to be serious about the game and a team player. Here is our recruitment ad with all guild’s requirements: When you’re here your family! Join TUF! Unrepentant 1m/1300s/300t, Abaddon 500k/1300s/150t, Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t, & Purgatory today!http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz
Again we r full atm but if u dont mind waiting then come chat with us on discord :grinning:

Hi Wraith. Earth and Air is looking for active players. 1500 seals a week we are interested in and can def. carry you on the gold front. We want active and involved players who join chat and are Interested in working with others.

Drop me a pm if interested.

Hi - if you’re still looking we’re a relaxed Guild with a couple of upper level players (1,054, 856) covering the gold so players leveling kingdoms contribute mostly seals. If a lower level player starts a task indicating what they need, one of the upper level players with Kingdoms maxed will complete it for the guild. After opening up to all levels we’re invitation only now, weeding out inactives and building a solid core of active players who contribute through play and enjoy the game. We do Guild Wars and Invasion, so if you’re able to get through to the lowest rewards tier there, you’ll reap the rewards of our level players closing portals and beating towers. Only requirement is active play and seal contribution - two weeks inactive without notifying the Guild master = kick - and seal count is growing weekly. We have openings in you’re interested. Cheers!

Hi, sorry for the late reply I needed to figure some things out. But I would be glad to join your guild, it works really well for me. However part of my hesitation as well is that me and my cousin were hoping to get into the same guild. He’s just recently started on mobile but he came from PS4 where he was far beyond leveling all of his kingdoms and getting their power up, he’s a very knowledgeable player and he’s active, so he’ll participate for sure. My invite code is NORRIK_9GTZ and my cousin’s is DESTRIARE_ASXY. If you’re interested, I’d be glad to hear back from you. Unfortunately me and my cousin are a package deal now, but if you can’t fit us it’s alright, I understand if you don’t have room since this is reply is a few days late now.

No worries - we do have two spots open and we’d be glad to have you both. You both need to leave your current guild in order for me to invite you - let me know when you’ve clicked “leave” and I’ll send out invitations. Cheers!

Check out Druids Alliance :sunglasses:

Thank you for this. Me and my cousin have both left our guilds so we’re good to go :+1:

Hi - I managed to invite your cousin, but it’s telling me your invite code doesn’t exist. Just to confirm, is NORRIK_9GTZ? correct? I’ll send you an invite as soon as we get a working code. Thanks!

Left it and tried again, and it took this time. Sent you an invite - let me know if you have any problems. Check the guild chat periodically for announcements, and feel free to use to ask questions or make suggestions.

Sounds good, and yeah I’m in now. Thanks for the help :+1: