Seeking new guild

I’ve been with my current guild for a year but there’s been some hassle between other players so I’m looking for somewhere new.
I’m a casual but fairly committed player, depending on work. I’m an auxiliary nurse on a busy ward so stuff gets in the way of obsessive commitment to gaming and guild requirements.
That said, I’m level 1136, all kingdoms to at least 12 and magic ones to 14/15, 880 troops etc. Guild stats: 621,000 gold so far this week (26.9 million over 359 days), 1,500 seals (124,326), 332 trophies (26,355).
I’m FTP and don’t have the time (or inclination) for Discord. I do what I can, when I can, prefer to maintain a low profile in a guild and try to have some fun in between crazy work!
Any guilds interested?

The Sushi Bar is currently recruiting End Game players who want to play for fun, rather than for the grind.

Our requirements are just 1000 Seals, 100k Gold and doing your Guild Wars Battles on they day. Anything else is entirely up to you. We get Events done up to about Level 11, sometimes 12, but there’s no push to do that.

We finish all the basic Guild Tasks and then people chip in to the Epic ones as they want (or depending on what resources/ Writs they need.

We have at least one (possibly two) other members who work in the healthcare industry, so sometimes can’t contribute as much as they’d like, but as long as you let me know at some point, I’m not going to kick you out :slight_smile:

Drop me a PM if you’re interested.

Thanks. I’ll drop you a line. Neat coincidence with our pseudonyms - Rockwell Stonehead or Stonehead Rockwell sounds like a really pretentious glam rock band! :rofl:

Or a firm of estate agents :rofl:

Rockwell was a LARP character of mine many years ago.

He was actually “Rockwell, son of Rockford, son of Rock’ard” :sunglasses:

Not estate agents!!! :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I used to do a lot of climbing, and whenever someone knocked stone loose it made a bee-line for my head. As a result I acquired the nickname Stonehead. It’s stuck for 30 or so years.

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If you haven’t found a guild that suits you yet,
I’ve got a spot for you!
Madrina’s Marauders is a friendly, helpful guild
of people all over level 1,000.
We understand and give time off when you need it.
You surpass our min. requirements, so that’s not
an issue.
Min reqs:
400,000 gold
1,500 seals
400 trophies
All Guild Events

Most of us do much more - I usually do at least 1.5 - 2 mil gold
and 1,000 trophies.
Some of us do more than that.

Reply here or PM/Friend Request me on discord: madrina#8212

@Madrina - Too late, we saw him first! :sunglasses:

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Eek! I’ve been dragged off by a bunch of scruffy orcs who want to show their sophistication by using me for sushi in their bar! They said something about slicing me thin with a battle axe before dousing me with wasabi!

(Thanks for the interest but I’m already taken! :grinning: )

Oi! Who are you calling an Orc? :rage:

Rockwell is a Dwarf!!!

(Starts looking at Kick button…)


Ah, that explains the anxieties about the bald spot then. I thought it was an orc with a mohair scarf but it’s actually a dwarf with a comb-around. Ingenious. :clap::clap: