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Can you add badges and medals as reward in treasure hunting mode like in vault?

Since the badges and medals are useful and can be collected in exploring mode, 2 rounds of T12 can give you 1 badge. Can you add those into the rewarding pool of vault in Treasure Hunting mode? The synthesis of the vault is not easy and need to improve the reward now. What do you guys think?


And imperial deeds. I’ll play it the whole day.


I think medals are realy bad thing to include to TH, at least if that was a static reward… TH needs something better…
I still stand on position that all TH needs is replacing rewards from vault into “ancient treasures”, which would be a currency used in TH shop:


What that has to do with Treasure Hunt ???

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The wording is confusing. I don’t believe the OP was referring to gnome (treasure key) vault game, but the rewards from the treasure hunt “vault” of possible rewards.

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it is indeed, there is Vault, where you find gnomes to find, but you need a Vault Key to enter it
and there are also vaults → last type of chests in Treasue Hunt (which use up 3 or more red chests)

Some time ago, people suggested that vaults from TH, should give VK :wink:
now THAT would make some people farm TH like crazy…

I like the idea. Treasure Hunt needs a buff, and it’d be nice to have another way to earn tokens. Grinding explore 12 over and over isn’t much fun

It would also help fix the problem where earning the vaults in TH isn’t worth the time versus speedrunning green chests

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