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Can we Please get a timeline or ETA on craftable mythics?

I been saving my diamonds up from the very start of Soulforge, not one diamond have I spent waiting of Pharos Ra. And he’s STILL not craftable…and by the time he’s out I’ll have WAY over 8000 diamonds

So @Saltypatra, @Nimhain, @Sirrian @Ozball Can there Please be some communication with us about Craftable schedules this would be great…I can wait on everyone but pharos ra. been waiting on him since he came out.


@WishKiller It’s actually random. There’s no ETA because the Soulforge picks mythics at random - hence us having Ketras like six times already. And yes, I have the exactly same problem as you.

So in a general way: Just saying I second this. The disappointment every Monday is harsh. I was torn between crafting Famine last week or waiting for Pharos-Ra and decided to wait and… ugh.

Really, given how the limited amounts of materials already limit crafting troops, there should be no reason to not at least cycle through available ones more often. If it can only be done with a new event/weekly rollover, make the selection larger. There is no reason to make us wait an indefinite amount of time when we are already restricted by only being able to make so many diamonds a week.


THAT is a Really good idea!

DEVS are you reading this??


+1000 to this. Please!

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I was also VERY disappointed to see no Pharos-Ra today. I’ve had over 4000 diamonds for at least 3 or 4 weeks and the recurring Monday morning disappointment is a bigger deal to me than any issues with the new UI. I would love to see a change in how this works.

I now have over 6000 diamonds and I have this sinking feeling that I’ll also hit 8000 before I craft him.


I don’t think I need to see a pre-made schedule of what Mythics and Legendaries are coming, but I would like to know that it was set up with a rotating schedule planned… I really don’t like that it’s completely random; there’s only one legendary I’m after crafting but I’ve no comfort on when, if ever, it’ll appear in the menu…


Yeah, if we’re after a specific Mythic it’s not like we’re going to see our preferred troop isn’t included in the rotation and go “Golly gee, I guess I’ll craft this other troop instead and waste two months worth of resources”. No, we’re going to wait for it, and while we wait, we’ll be building up enough Diamonds to craft a second troop.

I really don’t understand what could possibly be harmed by having all Mythic troops available for crafting. The speed with which the player can earn Diamonds is hard capped - there is literally NO WAY to earn them any faster. This means the speed with which a player can craft Mythics is also hard capped.

That’s why this boggles my mind…why add RNG on top of a finite currency earning speed? It accomplishes nothing other than frustrating the player.


at this point, I’d settle for a daily reset of the Soulforge, would keep things more interesting at least.


I second a daily reset.

I third a daily reset. :slight_smile:

This, exactly.


I Fourth a daily reset…we NEED this…have the mythics reset as the dungeon resets.

@Saltypatra, @Nimhain, @Sirrian, @Ozball…Sorry for the second tag…but conformation that the post is read and understood would help…All about communication.


There is no schedule.it is random.

@UKresistance That’s been established.


The best you can ask for is to ask them to reroll the forge troops on Friday also. Daily they probably wont.

We’ve said we will be looking into the Soulforge again in the stream. However there is nothing more concrete to announce at this time. We have a few ideas in mind, some of which we discussed live today.

Just put all mythics in there all the time… the work is in gathering the resources to make them… adding this “selection” serves nothing then to add a layer of annoyance to the game.

We kinda need less of those…


IMO everything Epic-Legendary-Mythic troops should be craftable all time. Or at least 8 epic - 6 legendary - 4 mythic troops in a week with a fixed schedule. Also always having the new high-end troops for the week available. For example when a new Legendary troop is put in event chests, it’s also craftable for that week.

I’ll take the unpopular opinion and say that I don’t mind a random cycling of troops, but only because we aren’t capped on the amount of diamonds we can hold. If you were allowed a maximum amount of diamonds. then the randomness could lead to some people not being able to collect more while they wait for their favorite mythic.

However, we are allowed to hold as many diamonds as we want. Even though I crafted Gards Avatar last week, I’m still going to get my second crafted mythic around the same time that everyone else does.

Another week without Pharos Ra to craft :persevere: