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Mythic Crafting Rotation

I know I might be nitpicking, or after the free 1200 diamonds last week, but the mythics available to be crafted seem to be random, and a bit frustrating. The mythic that I want to craft was in the first week of the new update so it was literally impossible to craft. (Infernus)

I think it would be good if the developers @Saltypatra @Lila36 et. Al… allowed a week where all previous weeks when crafting a mythic was impossible (even buying all the gems packs, $4.99 daily deal) and roll them all out. I would have spent as many real dollars the first week to have crafted infernus.

Now that I’ve spend real dollars and with the nice gift, I don’t want to wait X number of weeks for a luck of the draw. Please!!!



At the very least, there should be some predictably to what’s coming up. They’re should be a way, within the game, to see the rotation for the next couple of weeks, at a minimum.

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Oh it was? FML…

Well, we get four at once (plus Xathenos) and there’s only 17 that appear in chests. So another month or so.

Yeah same with Gards Avatar no way for me to craft him 450 diamonds short last week. And Abynisia is back for crafting. For the second time. We need a fixed rotation

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I began to keep these informations here, based on Tacet’s videos (maybe there are some mistakes…):
Abynissia 2
Death 0
Draakulis 1
Elemaugrim 0
Euryali 1
Famine 0
Gard’s Avatar 1
Infernus 1
Jotnar Stormshield 1
Ketras the Bull 2
Pharos-Ra 2
Plague 0
Queen Aurora 1
Stonehammer 2
War 0
Wulfgarok 1
Xathenos 0
Yasmine’s Chosen 1

I was surprised that some troops already appear twice when others don’t…


Yea I still think it would be a fair compromise to open up any mythic since crafting started for a week.

You see any patterns when looking? Like first all Red the next all Yellow ones? That would be a reasonable and predictable way to do it. (Though it should still be transparently messaged.)

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It’s weird they haven’t released any standard apocalypse besides Xanthenos. Maybe they don’t plan on it? Which honestly wouldn’t bother me

I’m not even sure about the mythics available during the first weeks… There was Xathenos available but on Tacet’s videos he wasn’t… So maybe it was a bug and was corrected before his videos.

Else no pattern… at least no Mythic appeared 3 times so one can guess that next time we will see Pharos appearing will be in ages…


I still wonder why it’s limited at 4? Just make them all avalaible they all cost 4000 diamond so i would be surprise to see someone crating them all the same Week


I agree. It’s not like the list of Mythics is so long that it’d be an issue. Legendaries, maybe…but even there, I am disappointed that crafting doesn’t let me make whatever I want once I’ve assembled the resources for it. A missed opportunity, in my view.


My best guess is that it will be difficult to navigate with the current UI… One could ask the same for Legendaries and it will become painful to navigate and find the good troop…

Crafting troops should be available in the “Troops” tab… It’s not like that there is a “Crafting” button…

Do we know if Xathenos will be available with the standard recipe (why did devs choose the word “pattern”?)? Or it was a bug?


I believe all available mythics should be available whenever someone gets the prerequisite materials. In the future it will be months…and if i miss the one I need by a few diamonds I would be incredibly irritated.

Also it seems like the apocolyse troops aren’t going to be craftable except xanthenos. That’s fine with me honestly, just say so


Yet. The list gets longer every month.

Although I’d disagree on it even being a problem now. Another arbitrary five week (or more, if they keep repeating and keeping one out of rotation for longer) after spending two or more months gathering the resources you need is a long time, especially considering the update cycle of the game. Just think of where we were three months ago compared to now, not just in terms of the engine changes but power creep in general. Imagine saving and saving and saving toward a singular goal, then being forced to wait even longer, and by the time you get there, the game has shifted enough where it ends up being nothing but a big disappointment. At least you can change your mind at the last second and not craft that one thing you have been looking forward to for literally months, but I don’t think most people would make the rational decision to reexamine their choice at that point, and even if you did, this takes a huge amount of satisfaction out of that moment.


nobody would mind even if the ui was same as the troop search filter… since you can craft one mythic per x months you can deal with a bad search ui (unlike team building that should be everyday thing)
havign them all available is better then this

and im not understanding why keeping ppl away from crafting their dreamed mythic … if there was a way to pay gems or $ to make the mythic available for crafting faster - i would understand, but there is nothing of such thing now and crafting is already enough of cash bait as it is…

making all mythics available for craft could possibly inspire more $ spending, not less?

tossed an idea to make both parties satisfied:

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Anyone know a way to generate resources for Xbox one?


Are you seriously asking for a hack on the official forums? :joy:


Sorry been at it a long time and getting antsy!

Just have the available troops change every day instead of every week. And ensure that each shows up at least once before any other shows up twice. That way you should never have to wait more than a week.