Put Pharos Ra in the Soulforge

Each Monday since just before May 2021 I have looked in the Soulforge in hopes to add Pharos Ra to my collection.
It’s nearly impossible to gain the souls in this game. I think it’s pretty lame that Gems of War is so stingy when it comes to putting Pharos Ra in the Soul Forge and just leaving him there. Why would I ever think of spending actual money on a game that’s purpose is to make my game play a disappointment, week after week?

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Since it’s the end of the current mythic cycle, and Pharos-Ra is one of the six mythics left, it is going to be in the Soulforge tomorrow or on 10 January.

This, again, boils down to “please add more mythics to the forge each week”. With the amount of mythics there are, and diamonds already being a tight bottleneck, there really is no reason why we can’t have more than just 4 each week.

With the update to the forge we can clearly see that it’s not the amount of slots for recipes that limit this.

We should at least have double the amount of mythics in the forge each week as cycles have become way too long.

And as devs can maybe see from this post, it’s discouraging.