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Crafting Schedule

Hi i was wondering if it was possible to add a crafting schedule, i am only missing Stonehammer and i am ready to craft but he’s not there, i think it would be nice to know when it will come back in the crafting list

I am also missing xathenos so if stonehammer only come back in a month i would probably go for xathenos first


Love this idea!!


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No Gards Avatar again yet others are recycled. :rage:


at least show “next week craftable” or something


@Saltypatra d @Ozball, Really like this idea

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If nothing else, add logic that makes it so the same troop can’t appear two weeks in a row…but seriously, as the pool of mythics grows larger every month, making it fully RNG dependent to finally see the one you want to craft will become increasingly annoying.


Calm down everyone, this is a new feature :slight_smile:

Troop summon stones will be improved, and it was also mentioned about a preview of next week’s craft able troops.

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WAIT A HOT MINUTE! :fire: :stop_sign: :fire:
Are the mythic troop selections currently determined via RNG??? :scream:

Please say it ain’t so…:sob:


Excellent song brudda!

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Easy solution would be to make every mythic avalaible for crafting.

You need to grind all these diamonds and when you are ready you still need to wait, this is really frustrating


I agree. The system seems to be set up to be as obnoxious as possible. Cynically, not having a predictable rotation would require players to log in weekly instead of waiting for their troop to come up in rotation. However, if this is actually being used as a player retention mechanism, it’s a terrible mechanism for it…

Crafting should have been the one safe haven from RNG. Instead, nope, it’s just one more dice roll after another.


-Publisher Post-
What is there was a button for spending Gems to refresh your troop selection just currently like in PvP (but a bit more then 1 Gem). The selection would auto refresh every week as normal, But impatient players could “speed things along” and get a new selection when ever they spend Gems.

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depends on the price3 sounds fair enough i guess… but the pool grows so “actual” price would grow in time makign it… uhm… useless…

Pretty much what I was thinking. The Diamonds are already the time gate. The amount it’s possible to earn is widely available.

If I want to craft a specific mythic, I’m not going to blow my Diamonds on a different mythic just because the one I want isn’t available, and I’ll be building up towards a second craft while I wait for the first one to show up as craftable. It makes no sense to me that we can’t redeem our Diamonds right away after (up to) two months of grinding.


I completely agree from a monetization standpoint the double gate was not thought out in the slightest. After monetizing Diamonds.

For example: if you own a casino should you only allow your customers to enter and spend their money on a random week that they did not know until arriving?

Best customer choice: completely remove the double RNG weekly barrier
Best publisher choice: add a monetization method to the double RNG barrier (50 Gem$ to ‘reroll’ the troop selection any time you want)
Silly, but better than currently implemented choice: add a schedule somewhere so players could lookup what’s next

I know everyone always posts they wants everything for free, so this won’t be popular. But considering the way the entire gaming industry is moving to a gambling model with loot boxes. I would be surprised to see some further quasi monetization in this. Obviously their existing double gate implementation needs change as it doesn’t help either party whatsoever (player or publisher)

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Sadly something like this is the likely answer…but I would never spend the Gems without a guaranteed result. Fighting one layer of RNG with another layer of RNG isn’t much of a solution, and we’d have no way of knowing how the “re-rolling” algorithm works.

I can have the patience of a saint when I want something. I’m quite happy to wait until my desired troop shows up in the crafting list. I just think that the 2-month time gate is enough of a time gate where an additional time gate (the RNG of which troops show up) is unnecessary.


Since xathenos is always there, i decided to wait for stonehammer to show up. I just hope i won’t have to wait 2 more months. This is the first game i play where i need to farm for ressources and then wait to be able to buy what i want. Very bad design in my opinion


They did say in the Preview stream that they want to make this more predictable. It seems like a case of, “we can’t do everything all at once b/c resource constraints” rather than something deliberate/malicious. I can only hope the UI changes make this come soon.

PLEASE LET THIS BE THE CASE!!! :pray: :sob: :pray: