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Burning Scythe is targeting dead troops

Just exactly the same bug as the Hobgoblin had when it was first released. It’s random part of the spell is targeting troops already killed by it’s first part of the spell.


Yes, fix that, but then nerf damage or mana cost.


I think it’s a sort of crutch (at least for the moment) to wring back how currently OP it is.
Could burn a living target, could burn the dead guy, you’ll just have to take that chance.

Agreed. Right now it’s only fair to have the bug!

I kinda disagree, as I think it is only broken due to the bug on the arena that makes it hit like a truck. On PvP doesn’t seem to be a problem nor on enemie’s team nor on yours.

That’s a fair point. Fix the magic bug and the targeting bug at the same time and see where it nets out.

Totally agree that it doesn’t break PvP in any way, but it does make real AoE troops kind of pointless though. It does vastly superior damage compared to Behemoth or Venbarak for example, and has objectively stronger secondary effects on its spell as well.
The problem is probably less the Scythe itself though, but that the Devs went a bit overboard with hero class magic levels, either that or AoE troops need some rebalancing.
On that note; Crimson Bat now seems to do as much or even more damage than the troops i mentioned before, even though it is still true damage and an arguably equally strong secondary effect, shouldn’t true damage come at some sort of opportunity cost? Not saying it is overtuned, rather that the others might be undertuned.

Think of it as the fact that dead troops can burn and carry disease :smiley:

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I think that it’s okay that our hero is stronger than other troops, after all, they are ours to command AND we can only have one “hero” troop per team, not two, three or four as the other AoE troops.

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I can understand the sentiment, the problem i see is that while i could use other AoE troops with my hero, i feel it is pointless to actually make them use their spells and instead focus completely on filling the hero is the better option 100% of the time.

Ironically you are the one that made this aware to me when you posted your Hero,Venbarak,Giant Spider, Valkyrie team, as i generally don’t tend to use my hero outside Arena.
I was looking for ideas for a Venbarak team, and i tested yours, and at some point i just realized, trying to fill Venbarak was a waste of time and effort. His damage is pitiful compared to the hero’s, his effect won’t fire the majority of times anyways, and even then it was just vastly inferior to chaining Burning Scythe attacks.
And i didn’t even have traits on my hero which would further increase the spells damage gap to Venbarak.

That’s weird because as you said, it’s my team and when I play it, I certainly use Venbarak’s spell. I would give you the reason if we could use two Burning Scyhte in our comps but thats not the case. This kind of AoE troops we have, helps to support what the Burning Scythe is trying to achieve, and I see nothing wrong with a comp built around our “role playing character” this is supposed to be the strongest, the hero. :3

A bug is a bug and it’s only fair to be fixed. Desc says it burns and disesass while in fact it doesn’t.

Also not that the difference manifests in the part of the game when it is no longer OP. While the last puny common goblin keeps dealing 24 damage for 6 my scythe still deals only 19 for almost triple cost to the last, single target.

Games take long enough already, how about NOT nerfing the few well-working tools the player still has on offense?

Meanwhile sure, just ban it from Arena along with the y/g chalice.

I wasn’t trying to make the point to nerf Burning Scythe (well, other than bringing it in line with other hero AoE weapons) i was trying to make the point that basic AoE troops need some love to feel relevant.
I’m fine with the Hero being stronger than the AoE troops but not almost twice as strong, the gap is just to big.

As for the Venbarak team.
Whenever you finish loading your Valkyrie, subsequently both AoE spells will be ready that turn most of the time, and you will fire Scythe. Refilling Valk takes 1-2 turns.
In my experience it was just much faster to focus on chaining Scythe casts and only cast Venbaraks spell when it was convenient to finish off troops.
If you count in the burn, Burning Scythe does about twice the damage Venbarak does, and statistically is almost as good at spreading disease while being much more stable and reliable at it.
I saw no reason to actually use Venbarak in that team anymore (other than convenience for finishing troops off) and dropped the team setup entirely.

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Nope, banning things isn’t the solution… balancing them properly is

The scythe is, cost for cost, over-powered currently… way better than most other hero weapons and way better than AoE troop spells… it needs probably -1 or -2 damage, and / or +2 mana cost, and maybe move the status effects to a % chance to trigger…


You keep repeating that without ever bothering to support with anything.

Unless weapons get polymorphic it is just not possible to “balance” them well as soon as we have more than one environment.

When arena runs fix lvl15 stuff in isolation and pvp lvl 19-20 things with likely 10-20, potoential up to 44 stats from kingdom and more from other sources it is the most natural thing that fairly balanced pvp-usable weapons are insane in the arena. And okay arena weapons pure trash in pvp. (and over 70% trash anywhere…)

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But it is also very obvious that Burning Scythe is clearly stronger than all the directly comparable hero weapons like Summer’s Fury and Morthani’S Scythe.
Even the Hero Class AoE weapon Creeping Death comes with weaker secondary effects (deathmark is very meh currently) mono coloured, and less initial damage at the same mana cost.

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Yes, and we know the reason: devs never caught up properly redoing any of the old weapons. Only issued a few new ones that are sort of fit for the new pvp setup. The rest is like my old experience playing Civ on impossible and the enemy arriving with armor tanks on my medieval knights and arrow guys,

But it is not just old weapons at all. Burning Scythe is also stronger than all the new weapons they created at the same time they have created Burning Scythe. Even the greatly announced hero class weapons (iirc they were even called mythic in the preview) if directly comparable like Creeping Death are significantly weaker than it.

BS unlocks at double 40 mastery unlike the other with much easier access. Supposedly those having it are visible at high levels and access to matching stuff.

With even progress you get it around lvl 240. The mass of game population is supposedly under 100 (last data was said over 90% months ago).

(Though there may be some problem in arena matchmaking, after all even the issue with fighting the same teem 2-3 times in the session is probably yet unfixed.)

That is not a reason at all, by that logic imperial Jewel should be twice as good as Burning Scythe.