Hero power boost update made arena terribly unbalanced

Anyone else think the boost in hero powers make arena terribly unbalanced now? I had a guy basically one shot my whole arena team with burning scythe because his hero was so much higher than mine. I think they should remove your hero from arena all together and add mythic and legendary troops to be drafted instead. Keeping everyone on the same lvl playing field would feel much more fair than the current state of arena. This would also allow people to try out legends they have not yet opened in chest.

Lets gets some constructive crit on the subject. Trolls just move along please.

It is a confirmed bug that the hero class magic bonus to weapons works in Arenas, and it was said to be fixed in the future, why it isn’t already, i don’t know, i assume it is difficult to fix that one.

As i did before in another thread i can only advice you to make use of this bug yourself, and pick a weapon according to the magic bonus colour of your current hero class and keep your current Hero class levelled up to max, to receive the full bonus to your magic of that colour, until this is fixed…

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Some months ago we had a time with epic troops in the arena. I would love to see that comeback, even if it was only for a limited time.

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Actually I support the idea of letting out the hero altogether and use epics, or even legendaries instead.

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Me too. I think it would make things much more strategic since more random. No counting on your Burning Scythe to carry you.

I’m in violent agreement. It’s completely unbalanced when one burning scythe has the potential to one shot almost your entire team. I’m not sure that it’s the hero boost though, because other weapons don’t seem to cause anywhere near the damage that the burning scythe does, so I’m inclined to believe it’s that particular weapon that’s in desperate need of a hot fix (ha!) to re-balance the game.

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Burning Scythe does the same initial damage that Summer’s Fury does now and did prior to the latest patch in Arena if you disregard the Hero Class magic boost, that isn’t supposed to work in Arena in the first place.

Before the patch Summer’s Fury or Morthani’s Scythe which did the same initial damage (Morthani’s Scythe does even more initial damage now than Burning Sythe and Summer’s Fury) were rarely seen in Arenas in 1.0.8.
I tried them out a couple of times myself but found other weapons ultimately better in the Arena for several reasons.

Now Burning Scythe obviously has some advantages over the other two AoE weapons, one less manacost, dualcolour for easier filling and a guaranteed burn and disease are potentially huge factors, but the initial damage itself is not a problem, once the unintended hero class magic bonus in Arena is fixed.

That being said Burning Scythe is easily the best of the AoE weapons for the reasons i stated and there should be some minor adjustments to either burning scythe or the other AoE weapons, to bring them more in line with each other, be it mana cost or changes to the additional effects of the AoE Weapons.
Anyways i expect balance changes to several weapons once the 1.0.9. dust settles


Arena would had been so cool without the hero. Rather have the ability to get an epic-legendary in the 4th choose box.

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I disagree.

I think it would be very much up to luck if you would even have a chance to win in Arena if you’re going to be drawing 4 cards (even if one of them is Epic/Legendary). That would mean that you were totally dependent on chance if you can fill up 5-6 mana colours for your team, so the potential for balance-problems is huge here. With the hero you can compensate for this by picking a different weapon (but with the current status of Arena that’s a limited option of course…)

IMHO it’d be better if the hero class bonus is just removed from Arena. The devs said that this was never supposed to be in Arena, so I expect them to fix it at some point (hopefully soon, 'cause right now Arena is ridiculously easy)…