REQUEST: In the next release, can Arena not suck?

I used to play heaps of Arena on 1.0.7 and was really saddened when it got nerfed to irrelevance in 1.0.8.

It’s now 1.0.9 and at level 207 I’m regularly playing against guys in the 500’s and 600’s.

I have 1 40/40 weapon and 8 level 10 cities. I’m assuming that these players have all the 40/40 weapons, all level 10 cities and most are probably 5 star.

Whilst I can totally understand why no-one below level 500 would bother playing, this really makes for unbalnced play and creates an incredibly negative playing experience.


City bonuses don’t affect Arena. At most a level 600 player would have about 4 more stat points than your hero.

The only real issue with Arena atm is the Class magic bonus working in Arena, giving opponent’s +5 more magic points than a player without a Class. This especially works well with the new Burning Scythe weapon released, doing a highly effective amount of damage.

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And I suspect most 500-600 level players probably wouldn’t have more than 3-6 kingdoms at Power Level 5.

Most would have the three ‘9 Troop Kingdoms’ (Broken Spire, Zhul’Kari & Whitehelm) at Power Level 5 and then some players in this range, but not many I suspect, would have acquired enough troop copies & arcane stones to get one to three 8 Troop Kingdoms to 5 stars (as it requires all 8 troops to be Mythic, levelled to level 20 and fully traited).

My thoughts are these, players join games at different times and so at some point the longterm players are going to have a slight advantage in given instances. New players that say that this isn’t fair make me want to bang my head on a wall. We were all new. I was new. I never spent a cent, I just played and spent my time getting higher levelled and better.

We all have to have the shitty end of the stick at the beginning and imho if someone is going to quit because the game isn’t bending over backwards to make it easy for them at the start then those types are never gonna be happy and in general it is those people that go on the forums and make far more noise than the players that just get on with it.

Bit of a rant I know but just spent 20 minutes trying to order a domino’s pizza in the Philippines and while I love the country and it’s people dearly and while they all speak english something that would take 3 minutes anywhere else always takes 20 here lol…

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I mostly agree with @Zelfore. I think the magic bonus is a big part of it. I also think Burning Scythe is OP. And, I know I’ve banged this drum for a while, but there are also a few of the best weapons that were only available in weekly events that newer folks have no way of getting.

My impression is that Arena is super broken at the moment bc it’s too efficient for Burning Scythe folks and brutal for anyone else.

Magic bonus is one part, Burning Scythe is the other part. There are no other parts.

I’m over lvl700 and I’ve only got those three 9 Troop Kingdoms at 5 stars.

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I think arena is only bad because older players are using a weapon that newer players do not have. How late game does it take to get the weapon firstly. Secondly how early did you have to play to be able to unlock it almost immediately. Thirdly how many players bought it out right. New players probable do not have the mind set to drop $50 on a game to only get on part of it when they don’t have the knowledge of whether they want to play it cause they found something they like or not. I like treasure hunt and the collecting of all the things .Ok i like arena too and the pvp is challenging but nice and the storyline hooked me like a fish but i am getting off topic here. If the shop offered sun and moon in the shop which hits almost as strong and buffs the team or crescendo which can one shot an arena team except hero then we would have been complaining about those weapons and also there is the necro book which can turn a win into a lose just by the casting. Seriously you have no idea how infuriating it is to kill a team with crescendo just for the hero to summon new troops to tank and kill for him. By the time i reload i will have lost most of my team and he has more on the way.

I’m in the Philippines too and they have the worst internet connectivity in the region. Very expensive too. The point here is that all the error messages and connectivity issues to the server are magnified here. It is soooo frustrating having to Alt-F4. Two times yesterday when winning the final game of PvP and expecting to reach a new level. Even more so because the programmers? have seen fit NOT to allow us to exit the game gracefully with clicking on X which is usually found at the top-right of any window in other programs. Why is that? Curious. Not everyone knows about Alt-F4 or Ctrl-Alt-Delete!

If you play in Windowed mode vs. Full Screen mode, you do have an X. So I play in the Window mode and just make the screen large, vs using the full screen option.

This isn’t a defense for needing a better way to exit, but just something that might help.

Well I guess I am lucky but my internet, while a little more than back home from the UK, runs fairly smoothly and I find the rare occasions that I get the click to reconnect a few times I see on the forums I am not the only one so no complaints here.

I meant the little blue windows that have ‘Error’ on top. Should have made myself clearer - My bad.

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Know what you mean. But usually ‘error’ do have an exit in top right or a retry option button. The ones that don’t give these options are generally the ‘support’ message which shows when the servers have been down. This has happened to me a few diff times over the 9 months I’ve been playing.

The game use to take away all ‘out of battle’ gold (ie the majority) when dis connectivity occurred or switching between 3G/4G & wifi occurred. However they did something to fix this without announcing it and it’s occurrence for me has been extremely rare in the last couple months.

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Ahhhhhh… Got it. Thanks Namour :grinning: