Burning Scythe issue in Arena

I was playing Arena. I was down to my last two troops (Hero - Burning Scythe) and Goblin Rocket. Both were mana’d up. I deployed Goblin Rocket (Blast Off!) and my Hero hit herself and Goblin Rocket for 12 damage each, applied Burn to Goblin Rocket and Disease to herself. Goblin Rocket burnt to death on the next turn and my Hero died from an opposition hit the turn after.

I would have won had my hero not been secretly working for the opposition!


:grin: haha! This might be the fix I was hoping for…

AOE weapons in general are completely game-breaking in the Arena right now, and Burning Scythe is by far the worst offender. In a way, this glitch could be poetic justice.

In all seriousness, though, you might have wanted to post this bug report in the Support section. I don’t have admin/regular rights on the forum to move your thread, though, sorry.